LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 16 April 2022

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Los Angeles Times 16 April 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 16 April 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Brew orders: CREAMALES

10 Rest of the day? NAP

13 Baby talk: GOOGOOGAGA

14 Actress Polo: TERI

15 "No worries": ITSALLGOOD

16 Actor McGregor who's a UNICEF ambassador: EWAN

17 Big ask, sometimes: NEED

18 Criticize: DISS

19 They're minimal in a keto diet: CARBS

20 Killer __: BEE

21 Its common tuning is known as "My dog has fleas": UKULELE

23 Damon and Affleck, often: COSTARS

27 "The Big Bang Theory" regular: RAJ

28 Net judge's call: LET

29 Moving pictures? OPART

30 Music genre term coined by Nigeria's Fela Kuti: AFROBEAT

32 Just: MERE

33 Young partner: ERNST

35 Put in a hold: LADE

36 Beholden: INDEBTED

38 Canadian put-down: HOSER

39 "__: Vegas": CSI

40 It might be bitter: END

41 Post office inquiries: TRACERS

43 Iberian titles: SENORAS

45 Sound often heard at Cirque du Soleil: OOH

46 LPGA golfer Yani, the youngest to win five majors: TSENG

47 What players sometimes miss: CUES

49 Big party: FETE

53 Not for the prudish: RACY

54 Combat tradition: MARTIALART

56 Format favored by big-shot directors? IMAX

57 Church staple: ORGANMUSIC

58 Signature piece? PEN

59 Chucks: DEEPSIXES


1 RĊ½publique de __ d'Ivoire: COTE

2 Symbol of Lancaster or York: ROSE

3 "Yikes!": EGAD

4 Internet pioneer: AOL

5 Crumble: MOLDER

6 Texas A&M athletes: AGGIES

7 Only landlocked country in Southeast Asia: LAOS

8 Tries to find oneself? EGOSURFS

9 In need of perking up: SAD

10 Latest movie, say: NEWRELEASE

11 Oman's Haitham bin Tariq, e.g.: ARABLEADER

12 Ones working after strikes: PINSETTERS

13 Part of a Bond order: GIN

14 Turquoise kin: TEAL

19 King work: CUJO

20 Sonar operator? BAT

22 Mario __: KART

23 Regular line in a newspaper: COMICSTRIP

24 Password that's weak by modern standards: OPENSESAME

25 Rush hour metaphor: SARDINECAN

26 Baobab, for one: TREE

30 As well as: AND

31 Group working together: BLOC

33 Peak also known as Mongibello: ETNA

34 It led to the blacklisting of Trumbo and Chaplin: REDSCARE

37 Notable unsinkable ship sinker: BERG

38 "A likely story!": HAH

41 Keep the beat, in a way: TOETAP

42 Bow applications: ROSINS

44 Banded gemstone: ONYX

48 Hard-to-resist thing: URGE

49 Continuous movement: FLUX

50 Little difficulty: EASE

51 Shailene's "Divergent" role: TRIS

52 Space-saving letters: ETC

54 One who might delete a Reddit post, briefly: MOD

55 "__ to believe ... ": AMI

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