LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 16 August 2017

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Los Angeles Times 16 August 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 16 August 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Feathered Nile wader: IBIS

5 Tropical hardwoods: TEAKS

10 Title of respect: MAAM

14 Have a flat? RENT

15 Barbera's partner in cartoons: HANNA

16 Sea eagle: ERNE

17 Designer Schiaparelli: ELSA

18 Moving: ASTIR

19 Journalist Jacob: RIIS

20 Sustained nuclear chain reaction requirement: CRITICALMASS

23 Room where you may have to stoop: ATTIC

26 One working with dough: KNEADER

27 Really botch things: MAKEAMESS

31 Port and claret: WINES

32 __-Magnon: CRO

33 The Cowboys of the NCAA's Big 12: OSU

34 __ one's time: waited: BIDED

35 Haphazard: HITORMISS

38 Tires (out): POOPS

40 Give in to the munchies: EAT

41 __ green: PEA

44 Emmy nominee Fischer of "The Office": JENNA

45 Edible seaweed: IRISHMOSS

48 1992 Disney film featuring a magic lamp: ALADDIN

50 Wild West brothers: EARPS

51 A breeze to use, in adspeak: NOFUSSNOMUSS

55 Moscow news acronym: ITAR

56 Retired racehorses, often: SIRES

57 Thames museum: TATE

61 35-Down house: CASA

62 "I give!": UNCLE

63 Ticklish Muppet: ELMO

64 Inexact figs.: ESTS

65 "My heavens!": EGADS

66 Prince's "Purple __": RAIN


1 Intense anger: IRE

2 __ Paese: Italian cheese: BEL

3 GEICO product: Abbr.: INS

4 One of Barbie's siblings: STACIE

5 Pad __: THAI

6 Right direction? EAST

7 Opposed: ANTI

8 Madison Square Garden hoopsters: KNICKS

9 Clear wrap: SARAN

10 Mythological swimmers: MERMAIDS

11 Daughter of King Minos: ARIADNE

12 Liqueur flavoring: ANISEED

13 Mr. and Mr.: MESSRS

21 HDTV maker: RCA

22 Explorer with Clark: LEWIS

23 "Preacher" network: AMC

24 Black goo: TAR

25 Ref's ruling: TKO

28 Zingers: MOTS

29 That, in Tegucigalpa: ESO

30 More definite: SURER

34 Information units: BITS

35 Tegucigalpa's country: HONDURAS

36 Tablets that can't be swallowed: IPADS

37 __ tai: MAI

38 Jai alai balls: PELOTAS

39 Observing Ramadan, say: ONAFAST

41 __ favor: POR

42 Sixth sense letters: ESP

43 Stubborn beast: ASS

44 Muppet who plays lead guitar in The Electric Mayhem: JANICE

45 Baseball division: INNING

46 Blokes: HES

47 Become an expert in: MASTER

49 Point of contention: ISSUE

52 Killer whale: ORCA

53 Blend: MELD

54 Doesn't allow to rust: USES

58 Mobile's st.: ALA

59 "Enough gory details, thanks": TMI

60 Ages and ages: EON

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