LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 16 August 2018

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Los Angeles Times 16 August 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 16 August 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Set of options: MENU

5 Dodge: EVADE

10 "Sing it, Sam" speaker: ILSA

14 Gospel singer Andrews: INEZ

15 Annual Big Apple parade sponsor: MACYS

16 Darned: SEWN

17 New Zealand bird: KIWI

18 __ Wars: Rome vs. Carthage: PUNIC

19 Tizzy: SNIT

20 Vogue VIPs: EDS

21 __ wrench: ALLEN

22 With 22-Down, "People's Court" rival: JUDGE

23 KOA campground area: RVLOT

25 Bond film? GLUE

27 Ally of "WarGames": SHEEDY

29 "Westworld," e.g.: HBODRAMA

33 "It's a Wonderful Life" director: CAPRA

34 Juicy fruit: BERRY

35 Up to, briefly: TIL

36 Revlon rival: AVON

37 With 40-Across, party supplies found in this puzzle's four corners: BOXED

38 Beige shade: BONE

39 Hard to find: RARE

40 See 37-Across: WINES

41 Fail to mention: OMIT

42 Hill builder: ANT

43 Cantina toast: SALUD

44 __ donna: PRIMA

45 Fundamental measurement: BASEUNIT

47 __ exercise: upper arm strengthener: TRICEP

48 The "G" of GTO: GRAN

49 Apple __: CRISP

50 Start of a French oath: SACRE

53 Norwegian contemporary of Tchaikovsky: GRIEG

55 Bullfight "Bravo!": OLE

58 One-fifth of a limerick: LINE

59 Guadalajara gal pal: AMIGA

60 Target Field player: TWIN

61 Is indebted to: OWES

62 Lacked: HADNT

63 Make (one's way): WEND

64 Skin pics: TATS

65 "My take is ... ": IDSAY

66 Circle parts: ARCS


1 Karaoke need: MIKE

2 Novelist Bagnold: ENID

3 Bulletins, e.g.: NEWSREPORTS

4 "Argo" weapon: UZI


6 Event for which Kerri Strug is famous: VAULT

7 Unpopular spots: ACNE

8 Endangered species: DYINGBREED

9 PC bailout key: ESC

10 Library, cardwise: ISSUER

11 Give for a while: LEND

12 Belt: SWIG

13 Deal preceder: ANTE

21 "Bridge of Spies" actor: ALDA

22 See 22-Across: JUDY

24 Fogg's creator: VERNE

26 Some aristocrats: LORDS

27 Egyptian beetle: SCARAB

28 Morro Castle city: HAVANA

29 Threaded fastener: HEXNUT

30 Electricity producer, perhaps: ATOMICPOWER

31 Dr. Evil's cohort: MINIME

32 Pub handle: ALETAP

34 Seeing red: BOILINGMAD

37 African title of respect: BWANA

38 Foe of "moose and squirrel": BORIS

43 "You bet": SURE

44 Fussy sort: PRIG

46 Means of escape: EGRESS

47 International agreement: TREATY

49 Insurance giant: CIGNA

50 Part of a piggy bank: SLOT

51 Bygone audio brand: AIWA

52 Site for techies: CNET

54 Empties (of): RIDS

56 "The Mod Squad" cop: LINC

57 Circle's lack: ENDS

59 Tuna at a luau: AHI

60 Airline once owned by Howard Hughes: TWA

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