LA Times Crossword answers Monday 16 August 2021

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Los Angeles Times 16 August 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 16 August 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Delhi dress: SARI

5 Wants to know: ASKS

9 Morocco's capital: RABAT

14 Like much brandy: AGED

15 Feed, as hogs: SLOP

16 Primer mes del calendario: ENERO

17 *Vacation condo, perhaps: TIMESHARE

19 French states: ETATS

20 Créme de la créme: ALIST

21 *Foldable whittling tools: PENKNIVES

23 Took home after taxes: NETTED

25 Going __: bickering: ATIT

26 Prefix with natal or liberal: NEO

28 Get a hint of: DETECT

33 *Nickname for Batman's Robin: BOYWONDER

39 Concrete support rod: REBAR

40 Poet Khayy‡m: OMAR

41 Leaf under a petal: SEPAL

43 Double Dutch need: ROPE

44 Scrabble pieces: TILES

46 *News article starters: DATELINES

48 Artery inserts: STENTS

50 Caribbean or Aegean: SEA

51 Guthrie of folk: ARLO

54 Not family-friendly, moviewise: RRATED

59 *Roadside ad medium: BILLBOARD

64 Accused's "I was somewhere else" story: ALIBI

65 Onetime default Word typeface: ARIAL

66 Sandbox sharers ... and a hint to the starts of the answers to starred clues: PLAYMATES

68 Starbucks choice: LATTE

69 New Rochelle campus: IONA

70 Artist Chagall: MARC

71 Leg joints: KNEES

72 Break loudly, as a twig: SNAP

73 Not fooled by: ONTO


1 Prince of Darkness: SATAN

2 Nimble: AGILE

3 Send payment: REMIT

4 Latin "that is": IDEST

5 Baseball bat wood: ASH

6 Waves-against-dock sound: SLAP

7 Divided land: KOREA

8 Disbursed: SPENT

9 Confirm, as a password: REENTER

10 Against: ANTI

11 Wally's little bro, in old TV: BEAV

12 Prado display: ARTE

13 Mix, as salad: TOSS

18 Court figure, briefly: STENO

22 Josh: KID

24 Homes for bears: DENS

27 Had too much, briefly: ODED

29 Garr of "Tootsie": TERI

30 Poetic black: EBON

31 Cod or Hatteras: CAPE

32 Half of seis: TRES

33 Sources of much spam: BOTS

34 Leave out: OMIT

35 Harvard rival: YALE

36 Small songbird: WREN

37 Govt. antipollution org.: EPA

38 "Darn it all!": RATS

42 Lascivious look: LEER

45 Horses' houses: STABLES

47 West Coast NFLer: LARAM

49 Sign of a sellout: SRO

52 __ lazuli: blue gem: LAPIS

53 Crease-resistant fabric: ORLON

55 Rent-a-car biggie: ALAMO

56 Industry bigwig: TITAN

57 Movie critic Roger: EBERT

58 '70s music genre: DISCO

59 Pitcher's false move when on the rubber, e.g.: BALK

60 Persia, now: IRAN

61 Beer for dieters: LITE

62 After the deadline: LATE

63 Comedian Carvey: DANA

67 Talk and talk: YAP

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