LA Times Crossword answers Friday 16 December 2016

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Los Angeles Times 16 December 2016 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 16 December 2016

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Bird that's a national symbol: KIWI

5 "Chasing Pavements" singer: ADELE

10 Party time, casually: BDAY

14 Eddie __, detective involved in the actual "French Connection": EGAN

15 Spring bloomer: TULIP

16 Former constellation that included Vela (the sails): ARGO

17 "Don't waste your money on that pendant"? LOCKETVETO

19 Insulated cable: CORD

20 Thorough investigation: PROBE

21 Opposite of bumpy: EVEN

22 Pants part: KNEE

23 Spinner in a numbers game? LOTTERYWHEEL

26 Elaborate in design: ROCOCO

29 It's heard in a herd: MOO

30 Online service option: CHAT

31 Daring exploit: GEST

35 One eschewing leather, perhaps: VEGAN

39 Satisfied sounds: AHS

40 Pub pick: PALEALE

42 Presidential nickname: ABE

43 Long bout: SIEGE

45 Start of something big? MAXI

46 Quiets, in a way: OILS

47 Quirky: ODD

49 Hills of Rome, e.g.: SEPTET


57 Beginning: ASOF

58 Square figure: AREA

59 Early or late hr., depending: ONEAM

63 Go on: LAST

64 Pruning ideology? LOPCULTURE

66 Pulitzer-winning author James: AGEE

67 Sure-footed critters: ASSES

68 Composer Khachaturian: ARAM

69 "What __ you thinking?": WERE

70 Not a hit, usually: BSIDE

71 Sport that hints at this puzzle's theme: POLO


1 Vegetation in underwater forests: KELP

2 Aviation pioneer Sikorsky: IGOR

3 Chisholm Trail city: WACO

4 Test pattern: INKBLOT

5 U-verse provider: ATT

6 Comforter: DUVET

7 Sorbonne student: ELEVE

8 Large soda bottle label word: LITER

9 Henry Ford, e.g.: EPONYM

10 Excavating aid: BACKHOE

11 Hive member: DRONE

12 Think alike: AGREE

13 Mountain air: YODEL

18 Fair-hiring agcy.: EEOC

24 Draped garment: TOGA

25 Zigzagged: WOVE

26 Some TVs: RCAS

27 Offhand greeting: OHHI

28 Discounted buy: CASE

32 Split-resistant wood: ELM

33 See 61-Down: SEA

34 Stress: TAX

36 Trot, say: GAIT

37 Skilled: ABLE

38 Source of tweets: NEST

40 Beginning to cure? PEDI

41 When repeated, Cult Jam singer: LISA

44 Driver's gadget: GOLFTEE

46 Source of flowing water: OPENTAP

48 "CSI" setting: DNALAB

50 Sci. concerned with biodiversity: ECOL

51 Multiple Emmy-winning legal drama: LALAW

52 Missouri river: OSAGE

53 Usually disappointed one: LOSER

54 Sales figure: GROSS

55 Side in a decades-long war: PEPSI

56 Tied: LACED

60 Peseta replacer: EURO

61 With 33-Down, part of it is now a desert: ARAL

62 Exec's reminder: MEMO

65 Purpose: USE

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