LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 16 December 2017

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Los Angeles Times 16 December 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 16 December 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Overwhelming place for many country folk: THEBIGCITY

11 Once-a-week mantra: TGIF

15 Early second-millennium style: ROMANESQUE

16 Modern-day carpe diem: YOLO

17 '80s scandal: IRANCONTRA

18 Pro shop purchase: POLO

19 Remove fluff from, perhaps: EDIT

20 Blond, in many cases: DYED

21 Moved to another table: RESAT

22 Dispatch to the cutting room floor: DELETE

24 Easy money, in theory: SUREBETS

26 Some retirement purchases: RVS

27 Pinkberry competitor: TCBY

28 Hardened, as concrete: SET

29 Layers: PLIES

32 Make a mild romantic overture to: ASKIN

33 Eastern way: TAO

34 Causes to be: RENDERS

36 Anka hit with a Spanish influence: ESOBESO

38 Iron-__: ONS

39 Era, perhaps: REIGN

41 Place for a pin: LAPEL

42 Opening: GAP

43 Facts and figures: INFO

44 Physical pros: MDS

45 "Right, understood": OHIGETIT

47 Fig. at the state's courtroom table: ASSTDA

51 "Odyssey" fruit: LOTUS

52 They have small roles: COGS

54 Unlike narrators, usually: SEEN

55 Duty-__: FREE

56 Could conceivably get: HASASHOTAT

58 Hazzard County deputy: ENOS

59 "Is it safe to talk?": AREWEALONE

60 Calls the game: REFS

61 Plot markers: HEADSTONES


1 Strained, e.g.: TRIED

2 Large mass: HORDE

3 Modern box filler: EMAIL

4 Went back and forth: BANTERED

5 Business issue: INC

6 Natural history museum objects: GEODES

7 "Ohio" group, initially: CSNY

8 Educational placement aids: IQTESTS

9 Double-stuffed holiday dish: TURDUCKEN

10 Pro's call: YEA

11 Generally unstressed: TYPEB

12 Stiff-legged stride: GOOSESTEP

13 Twitchy: ILLATEASE

14 Chair accessory: FOOTSTOOL

21 Big name in aluminum history: REYNOLDS

23 Pilot's ideal outcome? TVSERIES

25 MLB stats: RBIS

29 FedExCup seeker: PROGOLFER

30 Subject of the biography "Stormy Weather": LENAHORNE

31 Notwithstanding: INSPITEOF

32 "Big deal": ASIFICARE

35 Let out for a time: RENT

37 Jazz club highlight: BASSSOLO

40 Sail: GOTOSEA

44 Ordinary people: MASSES

46 One may be educated: GUESS

48 Western Wyoming county: TETON

49 Revolutionary diplomat Silas: DEANE

50 Opening stakes: ANTES

53 "Oh mah __!": GAWD

56 "Unlikely!": HAH

57 Banded Wonderland wear: HAT

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