LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 16 December 2020

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Los Angeles Times 16 December 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 16 December 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Quotable Yankee, familiarly: YOGI

5 "Yikes!": JEEZ

9 Fencing blades: EPEES

14 Tarzan raisers: APES

15 Cher and Sade, vocally: ALTI

16 16th-century English queen: MARYI

17 With 63-Across, musician born 12/16/1770: LUDWIGVAN

19 North Sea county: ESSEX

20 German steel city: ESSEN

21 Offered an arm to: ESCORTED

23 Basics: ABCS

25 Ming most look up to: YAO

26 Nickname for a 63-Across 39-Down: CHORAL

29 Literate: WELLREAD

34 __ Vegas: LAS

35 Marks for removal: DELES

37 "Inferno" poet: DANTE

38 Story lines: ARCS

40 Numerically, 63-Across' C-minor 39-Down: FIFTH

42 Tolkien trilogy, to fans: LOTR

43 Remains: STAYS

45 It's usually not a hit: SIDEB

47 Toon crime fighter __ Possible: KIM

48 Spread throughout: PERMEATE

50 Nickname for a 63-Across 39-Down: EROICA

52 Pipe plastic: PVC

53 Like cotton candy: SPUN

54 Sticky stuff: ADHESIVE

58 Facebook action: SHARE

62 Unverified word: RUMOR

63 See 17-Across: BEETHOVEN

65 Tony winner Menzel: IDINA

66 The M in BLT? MAYO

67 Artist's quarters: LOFT

68 Record material: VINYL

69 Chopped side dish: SLAW

70 Some traffic court cases: Abbr.: DWIS


1 New Haven school: YALE

2 Musical work: OPUS

3 H.S. proficiency tests: GEDS

4 Oath beginning: ISWEAR

5 XK-E, for short: JAG

6 Seasonal aides: ELVES

7 Greek vowels: ETAS

8 It makes cents: ZINC

9 Important gem in Oz: EMERALD

10 Nickname for a 63-Across 39-Down: PASTORAL

11 Gaelic language: ERSE

12 Watched closely: EYED

13 Touchdown points: SIX

18 __ humor: grumpy: INBAD

22 Bony Olive: OYL

24 Musical symbol: CLEF

26 Bracelet fastener: CLASP

27 Gold rush storyteller: HARTE

28 "The Odd Couple" roommate: OSCAR

29 Group self-pic, in slang: WEFIE

30 Started, as a co.: ESTD

31 Japanese mushroom: ENOKI

32 Web site: ATTIC

33 Stuffed Jewish dish also called kishke: DERMA

36 Itemize: LIST

39 63-Across work: SYMPHONY

41 Dickens sycophant: HEEP

44 A few: SEVERAL

46 Salon item: BRUSH

49 Summer coolers, briefly: ACS

51 Indefinitely suspended: ONHOLD

53 "Later!": SEEYA

54 Autobahn auto: AUDI

55 Key of the 26-Across 39-Down: Abbr.: DMIN

56 System/360s, e.g.: IBMS

57 Piccata meat: VEAL

59 Openly declare: AVOW

60 Mortgagee's option, for short: REFI

61 Laryngitis docs: ENTS

62 Ohio or Mississippi: Abbr.: RIV

64 Auto club service: TOW

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