LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 16 February 2017

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Los Angeles Times 16 February 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 16 February 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Truly wretched: ABJECT

7 E equivalent, on scores: FFLAT

15 Reaction to a comeback: TOUCHE

16 Contact: REACH

18 Fitness challenge: OBSTACLERACE

12 Bygone space station: MIR

17 Long-necked bird: EMU

20 Metz moniker: NOM

21 Colo. setting: MST

22 See-through: SHEER

23 Even-odds situation: TOSSUP

25 Scand. land: SWE

27 Not much: ADAB

29 Nosebag fill: OATS

30 Male pal, in slang: BRAH

32 Cold sore relief product: ORAJEL

35 Cellist with multiple Grammys: YOYOMA

38 Baseball collectibles: MINIBATS

41 Pure: SINLESS

43 Stated as fact: AVERRED

45 Sits in a cell: DOESTIME

48 Set up in a glade, say: ENCAMP

49 Bike whose company 66-Across ends 26-Down: HARLEY

50 Name on a shuttle, whose company 66-Across ends 24-Down: AVIS

51 Lamb sandwich: GYRO

54 Pamplona kudos: OLES

56 Outrage: IRE

57 Mountain predator: COUGAR

60 Trojan War epic: ILIAD

62 Church based in SLC, Utah: LDS

65 Center: HUB

66 Market representative? TICKERSYMBOL

69 Foofaraw: ADO

70 "American Buffalo" playwright: MAMET

71 Erie Canal city: ALBANY

72 Passel: TON

73 More than amuses: SLAYS

74 Greenery: PLANTS


1 Splitting target: ATOM

2 Short cuts: BOBS

3 Reagan-era slogan: JUSTSAYNO

4 Outer: Pref.: ECT

5 Run after: CHASE

6 __ support: TECH

7 Liberty: FREEDOM

8 Auto with a prancing horse logo, whose company 66-Across ends 18-Across: FERRARI

9 Mike Trout's team, on scoreboards: LAA

10 Check no.: ACCT

11 "Sons of Anarchy" actor Rossi: THEO

12 Brainy bunch: MENSA

13 Passing remark? IMOUT

14 Beef cuts: RUMPS

19 Field: LEA

24 Alternative energy vehicle: SOLARCAR

26 Unreserved way to go: WHOLEHOG

28 "Hulk" star Eric: BANA

30 Fly-__: air passes: BYS

31 Juicer's juice? ROID

33 Nonsense: JIVE

34 "__ Holden": Irving Bacheller novel: EBEN

36 Cactus League spring training city: MESA

37 Neil deGrasse Tyson subj.: ASTR

39 Blizzard restriction, perhaps: TRAVELBAN

40 Final Four matchup: SEMI

42 Rural storehouse: SILO

44 Plays usually involving the SS: DPS

46 "I'm a fan!": MELIKEY

47 Shoelace holders: EYELETS

51 IM option: GCHAT

52 "Seriously?": YOUDO

53 Apply, as sunscreen: RUBON

55 Respectful word: SIR

56 Pastoral piece: IDYLL

58 Stop-offs before big dates, maybe: ATMS

59 Muscat money: RIAL

61 Rush job letters: ASAP

63 "Knock it off!": DONT

64 Stallone and Stone: SLYS

67 Nashville awards gp.: CMA

68 Mgmt. degree: MBA

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