LA Times Crossword answers Friday 16 February 2018

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Los Angeles Times 16 February 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 16 February 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Scratch __: woodworking tools: AWLS

5 Split wide open: GAPE

9 Green "Sesame Street" character: OSCAR

14 Scallion relative: LEEK

15 Sea predator: ORCA

16 Asian city translating to "place of the gods": LHASA

17 *Protection for a press feeding frenzy? MEDIABIBS

19 Tight headgear: DORAG

20 Masseur's workplace: SPA

21 Word with fly or about: GAD

22 Shining example: EPITOME

24 What a burglar hopes not to be: SEEN

26 *Result of nodding off at an auction? SLEEPBID

27 *Sandwich-centric extremists? BLTRIGHT

30 Fort Collins sch.: CSU

31 Merits: EARNS

32 Italian capital: EURO

34 Dilute: THIN

38 Letters for John Smith? AKA

39 Besmirch: TARNISH

42 Dudley the Dinosaur's org.: ADA

43 Books with test answers: KEYS

45 Twitter's bird, e.g.: LOGO

46 One with a title: OWNER

48 Cry of discovery: AHA

50 *Where to read all the latest computer port news? USBTODAY

52 *Female employee of a tech giant? IBMWOMAN

56 Poems of praise: ODES

57 Lincoln output: ORATION

58 "No seats" sign: SRO

59 Egg producer ... and product: HEN

62 Tuesday dish? TACOS

63 Rating reduction responsible for the answers to starred clues: DOWNGRADE

66 Expect: AWAIT

67 Northern terminus of I-79: ERIE

68 Lute family members: UKES

69 ATM features: SLOTS

70 Kind of lily: SEGO

71 Tendency: BENT


1 Help for the poor: ALMS

2 Sob: WEEP

3 Acting on bad advice: LEDASTRAY

4 __ jump: SKI

5 Explode: GOBANG

6 Parched: ARID

7 Chem. pollutant banned in 1979: PCB

8 Canvas support: EASEL

9 Elvis hits, e.g.: OLDIES

10 Decathlon event: SHOTPUT

11 Chocolate substitute: CAROB

12 "Me too": ASAMI

13 Lost it: RAGED

18 Elder hostile? AGEIST

23 River through New Mexico: PECOS

25 Seaside eagle: ERN

26 Immobilizing law-enforcement tool: STUNGUN

27 Nose, slangily: BEAK

28 Camp sight, perhaps: LAKE

29 Forrest Gump, for one: HERO

33 Some are tributarios: RIOS

35 Cordial greeting: HANDSHAKE

36 Notion: IDEA

37 Not: NARY

40 Budget competitor: ALAMO

41 Cylindrical sandwich: HOTDOG

44 Took care of things: SAWTOIT

47 Sorrow: WOE

49 Construction site apparatuses: HOISTS

51 World's third-largest island: BORNEO

52 Tiny bits: IOTAS

53 Serious fight: BRAWL

54 Former Portuguese territory in China: MACAO

55 Aconcagua's range: ANDES

58 Way more than a sip: SWIG

60 Paradise: EDEN

61 Animal home: NEST

64 Willamette Valley state: Abbr.: ORE

65 Obstacle: RUB

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