LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 16 February 2020

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Los Angeles Times 16 February 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 16 February 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Ports in a storm: HAVENS

7 Queens stadium namesake: ASHE

11 HUN neighbor, to the IOC: CRO

14 Wasn't indifferent: CARED

19 Reading disorder: ALEXIA

20 Car thief's contact: CHOPSHOP

22 Cremona strings master: AMATI

23 How to handle fine china: GENTLY

24 "In your dreams!": NOTAHOPE

25 Encouraged through chicanery: LEDON

26 *Ball game record: SCORESHEET

28 Was indebted to: OWED

29 One way to solve crosswords: ININK

30 Nomadic Kenyans: MASAI

31 Need an eraser, say: ERR

33 __ New Guinea: PAPUA

35 Near-eternity: AEON

37 *One may be six feet long: HEROSANDWICH

42 Asian holiday: TET

45 Leveled, with "up": TRUED

47 Like many indie films: ARTY

48 Some interruptions: AHEMS

49 Music to a matador's ears: OLE

50 "Try it": TASTETHIS

53 Diner menu info: PRICE

54 Apple starter: CRAN

55 *Historic site in Paris' Latin Quarter: THESORBONNE

58 Indian title of respect: SAHIB

59 Early Earth life forms: BACTERIA

63 "The Great Dictator" Oscar nominee Jack: OAKIE

64 As an example: FORONE

65 Either of two Indy 500 racers: ALUNSER

66 Not fulfilled: UNMET

67 Wanted poster listings: ALIASES

68 Weaken: DILUTE

69 Sheik's land, in song: ARABY

70 Most ready for trouble: ALERTEST

71 Baltic people: LETTS

72 *Epithet for a fair British maiden: ENGLISHROSE

74 Burden: ONUS

75 Yucat√°n "you": USTED

76 Ready for trouble: ONTHEBALL

81 __ Lingus: AER

82 "The Jungle" author Sinclair: UPTON

83 Smoothie berry: ACAI

85 Reliever's stat: SAVES

86 Born, in some bios: NEE

87 *Totally ripped: TORNTOSHREDS

91 Woodwind piece: REED

92 Courtroom pro: STENO

94 "The Black Cat" author: POE

95 Blood of the gods: ICHOR

97 First name in furniture: ETHAN

99 Intent look: GAZE

102 1971 Stones hit, or what can be found in the answers to starred clues: WILDHORSES

107 Level and plane: TOOLS

108 Mix thoroughly, as oil and vinegar: EMULSIFY

110 "Rabbit" series author: UPDIKE

111 Musician Minaj: NICKI

112 Poppycock: NONSENSE

113 E Street Band notable Van Zandt: STEVEN

114 Hydrocarbon group: ALKYL

115 Enjoy a run, perhaps: SKI

116 Director's challenges: EGOS

117 Most affected by a workout: SOREST


1 Baddies with pointy hats: HAGS

2 Actor Guinness: ALEC

3 Like cobras, but not pythons: VENOMOUS

4 Web system allowing outside access: EXTRANET

5 Frasier's brother: NILES

6 Obeys a stick-wielding doctor: SAYSAH

7 Bad marks in high school? ACNE

8 "If it fits" item: SHOE

9 Most popular: HOTTEST

10 Lead monitor, for short: EPA

11 Word with line or hound: CHOW

12 Climbing gear: ROPE

13 Slanted column: OPEDPIECE

14 Islamic leaders: CALIPHS

15 "Can we see __?": diner's request: AMENU

16 *Car coolant carrier: RADIATORHOSE

17 Thames campus: ETON

18 Tennis drop shot: DINK

21 Fleeced: SHORN

27 "... __ you home to dinner": Shak.: HIE

32 Flat fish: RAY

34 Summit: ACME

35 Motion maker: Abbr.: ATT

36 Period of time: ERA

38 Mrs. Gorbachev: RAISA

39 Roughly: ORSO

40 "Shoot!": DARNIT

41 Weimaraner's complaint: WHINE

43 Eatery seen in the film "Manhattan": ELAINES

44 Car and Driver yearly listing: TENBEST

46 Can't brook: DETESTS

51 Number of singers in The Chipmunks: THREE

52 Estate beneficiary: HEIR

53 Cans for cons: POKEYS

54 Jeweler's measure: CARAT

56 Clown mascot's first name: RONALD

57 Thumper's friend: BAMBI

58 Evening parties: SOIREES

59 Banking misjudgment: BADLOAN

60 Property recipient, in legal language: ALIENEE

61 *Tourist's eye-opening experience, perhaps: CULTURESHOCK

62 Letter-shaped fasteners: TNUTS

64 Crayola color renamed Peach in 1962: FLESH

66 Like a "Stat!" instruction: URGENT

67 Way more than some: ALOT

69 Composer Bruckner: ANTON

70 Links army leader: ARNIE

72 Ovarian hormones: ESTROGENS

73 Frosty coat: HOAR

75 Knowledgeable about: UPON

77 Manhattan, say: BARORDER

78 Causing avoidance: AVERSIVE

79 Peggy or Brenda of song: LEE

80 Hallucinogenic letters: LSD

82 Fork, for instance: UTENSIL

83 Japan's largest active volcano: ASO

84 Pondering, with "on": CHEWING

88 Cars that sound like gems: OPELS

89 "__ you really just say that?": DID

90 Run down a mountain: SCHUSS

93 Blathering: TALKY

96 "__ it!": "Get moving!": HOPTO

97 Italian hot spot: ETNA

98 Hard work: TOIL

100 Berserk: AMOK

101 Pueblo people: ZUNI

103 "That being the case ... ": IFSO

104 Soapmaker's supplies: LYES

105 Just makes, with "out": EKES

106 Mailed: SENT

109 Watch: SEE

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