LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 16 February 2022

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Los Angeles Times 16 February 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 16 February 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Bare-bones: BASIC

6 Out of concern that: LEST

10 Distance runner's concern: PACE

14 Early Greek public space: AGORA

15 Excessively: Pref.: OVER

16 Aerosol target: ODOR

17 Mall map clarification: YOUAREHERE

19 Half a patio pair: TONG

20 Cuban missile crisis strategy: NAVALEMBARGO

22 Uncertainties: IFS

25 Even the queen, in chess: MAN

26 Beat in a hot dog contest: OUTEAT

27 Like nobility: TITLED

29 Slow movement: LARGO

31 Web app for the latest: GOOGLENEWS

33 What 15 U.S. presidents formerly were, briefly: VPS

36 Son of Chingachgook, in a Cooper novel: UNCAS

37 Be in the red: OWE

38 Hustle: CHEAT

40 Shaggy pack animal: YAK

41 Pre-wedding show: BRIDALEXPO

43 Frequents dive bars, say: SLUMS

45 Pretentious type: POSEUR

46 Key participant: PLAYER

49 NBA tiebreakers: OTS

50 Water holder: DAM

51 Salad dressing brand ... and what each set of circles reveals: HIDDENVALLEY

55 Opposed to, in dialect: AGIN

56 Start of a proverb for which Ben Franklin is credited: EARLYTOBED

60 It's about a foot: SHOE

61 "Star Trek: T.N.G." counselor: TROI

62 Do away with: ERASE

63 Online craft shop: ETSY

64 Newcastle's river: TYNE

65 Summer Triangle star: DENEB


1 __ window: BAY

2 Before now: AGO

3 Thing of little worth: SOU

4 Turkey neighbor: IRAN

5 Whitman's Sampler choices: CARAMELS

6 "Freaky Friday" actress Lindsay: LOHAN

7 First name in daredevilry: EVEL

8 Saharan: SERE

9 Shakes: TREMORS

10 One may be sweet: POTATO

11 Love to death: ADORE

12 __ line: CONGA

13 Cereal killer: ERGOT

18 Artfully escape: EVADE

21 Listening device: BUG

22 Company's tech guru: ITGUY

23 "Shrek" princess: FIONA

24 Keep in the supply room: STOCK

28 NYC airport on Flushing Bay: LGA

29 Civil rights legend John: LEWIS

30 Blown away: AWED

32 What do you expect? NORM

33 Put out: VEXED

34 __ New Guinea: PAPUA

35 Perfect thing that's not beneficial: STORM

38 Like idiomatic skeletons: CLOSETED

39 Tom, Dick and Harry: HES

41 TV host/comedian with 23 Emmy nominations: BURNETT

42 In a suitable manner: APTLY

43 New South Wales capital: SYDNEY

44 Jeans brand: LEE

46 Part of a process: PHASE

47 __-year: LIGHT

48 "So long, amigo": ADIOS

49 Skateboard move: OLLIE

52 Fluctuate: VARY

53 "East of Eden" twin: ARON

54 Bygone days: YORE

57 Stop legally: BAN

58 Austin-to-Houston dir.: ESE

59 Star of the ball: DEB

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