LA Times Crossword answers Monday 16 January 2017

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Los Angeles Times 16 January 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 16 January 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Car roof accessory: RACK

5 __ Romeo: sports car: ALFA

9 Go Fish request: TWOS

13 Cybermessage: ENOTE

15 Agreement to shake hands on: DEAL

16 Shabbat service site: SHUL

17 Hercules types: HEMEN

18 Jazz trumpeter Al: HIRT

19 Opposite of stuffy, roomwise: AIRY

20 Record-setting aviator of the 1930s: AMELIAEARHART

23 Started to eat, with "into": BIT

24 Apr. is in it: SPR

25 Old nuclear agcy.: AEC

26 Sixth sense, for short: ESP

29 2007-'14 E! comedy talk show host: CHELSEAHANDLER

33 Hammerhead parts: PEENS

34 "All My Children" vixen: ERICA

35 Letterhead design: LOGO


41 Sunset direction: WEST

42 King's decree: EDICT

44 Separate by percolation: LEACH

46 Looney Tunes rooster with a Southern accent: FOGHORNLEGHORN

51 Singer's syllable: TRA

52 Word before a birth name: NEE

53 Modern: Ger.: NEU

54 Move it, old-style: HIE

56 First to walk on the moon: NEILARMSTRONG

60 Letter after epsilon: ZETA

62 Et __: and others: ALIA

63 Down-yielding duck: EIDER

64 Showy perennial: IRIS

65 Half a picking-up tool: TONG

66 Cubic meter: STERE

67 Treaty: PACT

68 Concludes: ENDS

69 Mgr.'s underling: ASST


1 Detox program: REHAB

2 Feeble: ANEMIC

3 O'Neill's "The Iceman __": COMETH

4 "As seen on TV" record co.: KTEL

5 Supporter: ADHERENT

6 Sci-fi princess: LEIA

7 Fawcett who played one of Charlie's Angels: FARRAH

8 Tennis Hall of Famer Gibson: ALTHEA

9 Russian ruler until 1917: TSAR

10 "Little" deception: WHITELIE

11 Couple's word: OUR

12 Guileful: SLY

14 Maroon, as after a shipwreck: ENISLE

21 Vaulted church areas: APSES

22 Stridex target: ACNE

27 "Gimme a few __": "Be right there": SECS

28 Rear end in a fall? PRAT

30 Pleistocene period: EPOCH

31 __ get-out: to the utmost degree: ASALL

32 BBC time traveling hero: DRWHO

35 Hit the road: LEFT

36 You may get a whiff of one: ODOR

37 Humongous: GIGANTIC

39 "Popstar!" and "Tiger Beat," casually: TEENMAGS

40 Wise guys? SAGES

43 Novelist Morrison: TONI

45 Ladders partner in a kids' board game: CHUTES

47 Empathize: RELATE

48 "SNL" alum Kevin: NEALON

49 Colossus island: RHODES

50 Bay Area NFLers: NINERS

55 Marsh denizen: EGRET

57 Sunrise direction: EAST

58 Watermelon cover: RIND

59 "Lovely" Beatles ticket writer: RITA

60 Nil: ZIP

61 Victorian __: ERA

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