LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 16 January 2019

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Los Angeles Times 16 January 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 16 January 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Aesop's "The __ in the Lion's Skin": ASS

4 Rips off: ROBS

8 Batter's position: STANCE

14 Phone ringing onstage, perhaps: CUE

15 "Star Wars" critter: EWOK

16 More homey: COZIER

17 "Don't know yet," on skeds: TBA

18 iPad model: MINI

19 Ways to go: ROUTES

20 "The Iceman Cometh" playwright: EUGENEONEILL

23 Emmy category: DRAMA

24 Fed. accounting agency: OMB

25 Winery vessel: VAT

28 Sir Winston Churchill's ancestral home: BLENHEIMPALACE

33 Pulled in different directions: TORN

34 High-end watch: ROLEX

35 Quick punches: JABS

39 Victim of Artemis, in some accounts: ORION

42 Cream of the crop: BEST

43 Pungent: ACRID

45 "NFL on CBS" sportscaster Gumbel: GREG

47 Cocoa butter treat: WHITECHOCOLATE

53 Stage background: SET

54 "__-ching!": CHA

55 Single-handed: ALONE

57 Passenger compartments, and an apt description of this puzzle's circles: CARINTERIORS

61 Italian sub meat: SALAMI

64 Facility: EASE

65 Stroller rider: TOT

66 Gets dolled up: PRIMPS

67 British singer __ Ora: RITA

68 "True Detective" network: HBO

69 Certify: ATTEST

70 No longer fizzy: FLAT

71 "Uh-huh": YEP


1 Played the part: ACTED

2 Commuter's destination: SUBURB

3 Action star Steven: SEAGAL

4 Leftover: REMNANT

5 Toddler's scrape, to the toddler: OWIE

6 Irish singer/philanthropist: BONO

7 Onion exterior: SKIN

8 Act frugally: SCRIMP

9 Handy strip of computer icons: TOOLBAR

10 Blue, in Barcelona: AZUL

11 Insect egg: NIT

12 Chute opening? CEE

13 Stumbling sounds: ERS

21 Suffix with morph: EME

22 Around the 30th: Abbr.: EOM

25 Low-lying area: VALE

26 Breezes through: ACES

27 Written words: TEXT

29 Follower of boo, woo or yoo: HOO

30 Choose answer (a) instead of (b), say: ERR

31 "The Princess Bride" swordsman __ Montoya: INIGO

32 Arcing shot: LOB

35 Top-grossing film of 1975: JAWS

36 Ice pack target: ACHE

37 Tube rider, perhaps: BRIT

38 Grab a chair: SIT

40 Tolkien creature: ORC

41 "The Matrix" hero: NEO

44 Literally pulls up stakes: DECAMPS

46 Give the evil eye: GLAREAT

48 Resurrection figure: CHRIST

49 Japanese yes: HAI

50 "True Detective" star Mahershala __: ALI

51 Like some grins: TOOTHY

52 Dress for the choir: ENROBE

56 Legally prohibit: ESTOP

57 Got to the party: CAME

58 Lightweight ball brand: NERF

59 Shadow: TAIL

60 "¿Cómo __ usted?": ESTA

61 Massage venue: SPA

62 Hotel lobby display: ART

63 Illuminated: LIT

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