LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 16 January 2020

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Los Angeles Times 16 January 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 16 January 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Barbecue remnants: COBS

5 Personal identification? ITSME

10 Rolaids rival: TUMS

14 Iris layer: UVEA

15 Part of a "Star Wars" name: DETOO

16 "__ it first!": ISAW

17 Tower of London guards: BEEFEATERS

19 Local bond, briefly: MUNI

20 PC key: ENTER

21 Classic car: REO

22 Frozen floaters: BERGS

23 Celebratory smokes: CIGARS

25 2019 awards for Giannis Antetokounmpo: ESPYS

26 Elaborate style: ROCOCO

29 Checks out: EYES

31 Artist Yoko: ONO

32 "Nashville" actress Judith: HOAG

35 Currently: ASITIS

39 Vases with feet: URNS

41 With 45-Across, meat cut that suggests six aptly placed puzzle answers: FLANK

43 Understand, in slang: GROK

44 Kremlin refusal: NYET

45 See 41-Across: STEAK

46 "Me? Never!": NOTI

47 Original "Star Trek" studio: DESILU

49 Princess from Alderaan: LEIA

51 Links standard: PAR

52 Manilow song site: COPA

54 Giants' div.: NLWEST

56 Mopes: SULKS

59 __ bag: DOGGIE

62 Sporty car features: TTOPS

63 To's partner: FRO

64 Fitting tool: SIZER

68 Lower-APR deal: REFI

69 Restaurant list not for everyone: SECRETMENU

71 Shiraz's land: IRAN

72 Giants and Titans: TEAMS

73 Physics matter: ATOM

74 Nectarine centers: PITS

75 Donkeys: ASSES

76 Filing tool: RASP


1 "Squarely unconventional" Nissan: CUBE

2 Baker: OVEN

3 Vegetable that may stain a cutting board: BEET

4 Seattle-based insurance giant: SAFECO

5 Mont. neighbor: IDA

6 Colorful fish: TETRA

7 Range rover: STEER

8 Gloomy: MOROSE

9 Daybreak deity: EOS

10 One involved in multiple problems? TIMESSIGN

11 Take by force: USURP

12 Shabby: MANGY

13 __ chocolate: SWISS

18 "The Art of Loving" author Fromm: ERICH

22 Honey bunch: BEES

24 Blunders: GOOFSUP

26 Tavern order: ROUND

27 Deli specification: ONRYE

28 Traffic markers: CONES

30 Talking on and on: YAKKING

33 __-rock: ALT

34 Highlander: GAEL

36 Overused theme: TROPE

37 Bits: IOTAS

38 Slacks alternative: SKIRT

40 Map markers: STICKPINS

42 Scottish rejection: NAE

48 Result of a poor investment: LOSS

50 Créme de la créme: ALIST

53 Commercial charges: ADFEES

55 German city where the Bauhaus movement began: WEIMAR

56 Vegas __: STRIP

57 Where embryos grow: UTERI

58 Like much diet food: LOFAT

60 Black-and-white whales: ORCAS

61 Grammy winner Eydie: GORME

65 Letter that rhymes with three others: ZETA

66 Nephew of Cain: ENOS

67 Keister: RUMP

69 Transit map abbr.: STA

70 Snaky shape: ESS

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