LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 16 January 2021

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Los Angeles Times 16 January 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 16 January 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 "__ Secretary": MADAM

6 First Negro League electee to Cooperstown: PAIGE

11 Radical '70s org.: SLA

14 Durance who plays Lois on "Smallville": ERICA

15 Per __: ANNUM

16 Comparative suffix: IER

17 Grim: STARK

18 Removes with a putty knife: STRIPSOFF

20 Out: ASLEEP

22 Where hauls may be divided: HIDEOUTS

23 Pouchlike shoulder bag: HOBO

25 Nearly straight-horned antelope: ORYX

26 Going up: SCALING

29 Tender: OFFER

32 Warning to a meddler: STAYINYOURLANE

34 Cote sounds: COOS

35 Pilot's place: CABIN

36 442 or 88, e.g.: OLDS

37 Guideline when something is dropped from one's diet? FIVESECONDRULE

40 Eclair filling: CREME

41 Stylish filmmakers: AUTEURS

42 Shepherd's pie bits: PEAS

44 Poet's rhyme for "home": ROAM

45 Important artery: MAINROAD

48 Construction equipment: DOZERS

53 Coldly devious: REPTILIAN

55 Vaudeville production: REVUE

56 Preceding, poetically: ERE

57 Name in 1976 Olympic news: NADIA

58 Totally remove: ERASE

59 Palindromic song from a palindromic band: SOS

60 Funding source: GRANT

61 Prohibition details: DONTS


1 Most populous U.S. city that isn't a county seat: MESA

2 Fine things? ARTS

3 Tuner, sometimes: DIAL

4 One of Yellowstone's two million-plus: ACRE

5 Be opportunistic, metaphorically: MAKEHAY

6 Dance step: PAS

7 "A Cook's Tour" host: ANTHONYBOURDAIN

8 Cross letters: INRI

9 Forklift truck friend of Luigi in "Cars" films: GUIDO

10 Largest penguin: EMPEROR

11 Seat of South Dakota's Minnehaha County: SIOUXFALLS

12 Bailed: LEFT

13 Warnings, perhaps: ARFS

19 Alternative baking staple: SOYFLOUR

21 Regulate: POLICE

24 Breath spray brand: BINACA

26 Lincoln wore them: STOVEPIPES

27 Window with a crank, often: CASEMENT

28 Pursue: GOINTO

30 Köln closing: ENDE

31 Lo-__: RES

32 Yvette's evening: SOIR

33 Foes of Buffy: UNDEAD

34 Phased-out propellant: CFC

38 Intense, as pain: SEARING

39 Spread by moving dirt? RUMORED

43 __ energy: SOLAR

45 Field food, briefly: MRES

46 Dynamic start? AERO

47 John/Rice musical: AIDA

49 Celsius freezing point: ZERO

50 __-Picone: fashion house: EVAN

51 Sign of age, maybe: RUST

52 Dates: SEES

54 N.L. East player: NAT

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