LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 16 January 2022

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Los Angeles Times 16 January 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 16 January 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Felt: WAS

4 Snuck: CREPT

9 Venomous snake: MAMBA

14 ER readouts: EKGS

18 Env. insert: ENC

19 Art movement since the Õ70s: HIPHOP

21 In different places: APART

22 Sty fare: SLOP

23 *Like one of two parents, often: STAYATHOME

25 Turkish bread: LIRAS

26 Correct the pitch of: TUNE

27 Maria __ Trapp: VON

28 Beyond repair: TOTALED

30 Insurance giant: AETNA

31 Drei squared: NEUN

32 *When many grab a bite: COMMEICIALBREAK

35 Four-time Grammy-nominated metal band: PANTERA

37 ÒDies __Ó: hymn: IIAE

38 Amazon and others, locally: RIOS

39 *Inverness native: HIGHLANDSCOT

42 Large green moth: LUNA

43 Bio or chem: SCI

46 Pre-revelry nights: EVES

47 Navel variety: INNIE

48 Unchains: LIBERATES

50 United: WED

51 Ò... without trying to change meÓ: ASIAM

52 *Software design considerations: LOOKANDFEEL

54 Makes less dense: THINS

55 Break down: PARSE

56 Gram prefix: TELE

57 Partaking of: HAVING

59 Big celebrations: FETES

60 Rio Grande city: LAREDO

63 Green-skinned ÒReturn of the JediÓ girl: OOLA

64 Snacks: BITES

65 Underground conduit: SEWER

66 *Cube in a bowl: LUMPOFSUGAR

70 Credited in a note: CITED

71 Windy City rail initials: CTA

74 Wrestling foes: GRAPPLERS

75 Iranian language: FARSI

76 Many hybrid dogs, casually: POOS

77 Jack or jenny: ASS

78 Zest: TANG

79 *Bridge holdings sufficient to start the bidding with: OPENINGHANDS

82 Eighteen-wheelers: RIGS

83 Raison dÕ__: ETIE

84 ÒYou better believe IÕll fight!Ó: OHITSON

85 *CardiologistÕs dietary concern: HYDROGENATEDFAT

91 They know the ropes: PROS

92 Ames native: IOWAN

93 Bob Hope venue: USOTOUR

94 Luke, to Darth: SON

95 Sonny & Cher hit: DUET

96 ÒChase those guys!Ó: GETEM

98 End of an iconic speech ... and what the ends of the answers to starred clues can have? FREEATLAST

103 MysteryÕs Gardner: EILE

104 Sunlit courts: ATIIA

105 Fired at the table? FLAMBE

106 Once named: NEE

107 On a pension: Abbr.: RETD

108 Rimes of country: LEANN

109 Cool giant: SSTAI

110 Ecru relative: TAN


1 Director Craven: WES

2 QueenÕs subject: ANT

3 Picked around in, as a junkyard: SCAVENGED

4 English __: CHANNEL

5 Slowing, to an orch.: RIT

6 N.T. book: EPH

7 Start to finish? PHOTO

8 May bouquet words: TOMOM

9 Shopping area loiterer: MALLIAT

10 Each: APIECE

11 Lundi follower: MARDI

12 Lingerie item: BRA

13 @@@: ATS

14 Fragrant compounds: ESTERS

15 1971 Fonda/Sutherland film: KLUTE

16 PlanninÕ to: GONNA

17 Jargon ending: SPEAK

20 Rodents on wheels, perhaps: PETMICE

24 Some hostel visitors: YOUTHS

29 Dynamic start? AEIO

30 On the train: ABOARD

31 None too worldly: NAIVE

32 Food preservation method: CANNING

33 Island thatÕs the first word of The Beach BoysÕ ÒKokomoÓ: ARUBA

34 Strong textile: LINEN

35 ÒWhat a relief!Ó: PHEW

36 Gorp bit: RAISIN

40 Genetic carriers: DNAS

41 __City: computer game: SIM

42 Facebook option: LIKE

43 KnightÕs ride: STEED

44 ÒHeart BlancheÓ rapper Green: CEELO

45 Atoll, say: ISLE

48 L in a box score: LOSS

49 Word before party or math: AFTER

51 Sushi-grade tuna: AHI

52 ÒSee yaÓ: LATER

53 Rock groups? ORES

54 Sling on a phone: TVAPP

55 Animal rights org.: PETA

57 DoctorÕs office posting: HOURS

58 Salamanca souls: ALMAS

59 Mulberry family fruit: FIGS

60 ÒWe should just skip itÓ: LETSNOT

61 Barely clear of the bottom: AWEIGH

62 __ state: RED

63 First name in Õ70s Olympics gymnastics: OLGA

64 Town: BURG

65 Virtual name that means Òbeautiful woman who leads you to victoryÓ in Norwegian: SIRI

67 Sales repÕs upsell: OPTION

68 Fannie of ÒFried Green TomatoesÓ fame: FLAGG

69 Feeling: SENSE

70 Has the ability to: CAN

71 One of 21, or sometimes 20: CONSONANT

72 Brouhahas: TODOS

73 Trade gp.: ASSN

75 Get energy from: FEEDOFF

76 Girl Scout group: PATROL

79 Den piece: OTTOMAN

80 __-ˆ-porter: ready-to-wear: PIET

81 Trendy type often parodied on ÒPortlandiaÓ: HIPSTEI

82 For mature audiences: RRATED

83 Enter with caution: EASEIN

85 ItÕs quarry: HIDER

86 ÒNow __ talking!Ó: YOUIE

87 Obsessed (on): DWELT

88 __Sweet: sugar substitute: NUTIA

89 Rolls and binds: FURLS

90 Zones: AREAS

96 Eight pts.: GAL

97 Tour de France saison: ETE

99 Vitals checker, briefly: EMT

100 Law school accrediting org.: ABA

101 CruiserÕs milieu: SEA

102 Highest Scrabble tile point value: TEN

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