LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 16 July 2020

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Los Angeles Times 16 July 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 16 July 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Some munchies: CHIPS

6 Asks to be excused, with "off": BEGS

10 Latin initialism on a cross: IHS

13 WWII riveter: ROSIE

14 Relating to body structure: ANATOMIC

16 A step up from a carport, perhaps: UNHEATEDGARAGE

18 Come to terms: SETTLE

19 Electronic dance music genre: TECHNO

21 Org. that's not lax at LAX: TSA

22 Interval: LAPSE

26 Space: GAP

27 German brewing surname: STROH

30 Common Korean surname: LEE

31 Extremely dry: SERE

32 Limitation-of-freedom metaphor: BALLANDCHAIN

36 Doubled, perhaps: GOTAHIT

39 Corrida figures: TOREROS

40 Ding-a-ling or ding-dong: ONOMATOPOEIA

42 Zilch: NADA

43 Greater N.Y. school: LIU

44 Orchestra section: BRASS

48 Chicago airport code: ORD

49 "Golden Boy" playwright: ODETS

51 Hotel amenity: SPA

52 President of Princeton, then the U.S.: WILSON

55 Stride affectedly: SASHAY

58 Literary genre often associated with the writer concealed in 16-, 32- and 40-Across: DETECTIVESTORY

62 One happy to have no class? GRADUATE

63 Arabian, for one: HORSE

64 DE Dec. setting: EST

65 What might take a while? ERST

66 Fencing blades: EPEES


1 Pizza party leftovers: CRUSTS

2 "Really": HONEST

3 Eponymous goddess of a 1987 film flop: ISHTAR

4 Painter Mondrian: PIET

5 Stop from leaking: SEAL

6 Sweetie, in recent slang: BAE

7 Stop: END

8 Joke: GAG

9 Hawaii, e.g.: STATE

10 Apple desktop: IMAC

11 A condition of maximum activity: HIGHGEAR

12 Hypothetical account: SCENARIO

15 Kate Brown is its gov.: ORE

17 Business card no.: TEL

20 Bids first: OPENS

23 Considered in full: ALLTOLD

24 Tiny soup base: PEA

25 Mailed, as invites: SENTOUT

28 "The Audacity of Hope" author: OBAMA

29 "I'm amused": HAHA

31 Gather wool from: SHEAR

33 Set ablaze: LIT

34 Female ruminant: DOE

35 Nursery item: CRIB

36 First big song success for The Moody Blues: GONOW

37 Positioned for ambush, as in many Westerns: ONARIDGE

38 Two-year-olds, say: TODDLERS

41 Dessert choice: PIE

45 Like sailors on leave: ASHORE

46 Spread out: SPARSE

47 Agree: SAYYES

49 At the proper moment: ONCUE

50 Montreal-to-Boston dir.: SSE


54 Venerable ref.: OED

56 Queens tennis venue honoree: ASHE

57 Where to get off: STOP

59 Paving stuff: TAR

60 "__ nothing new": ITS

61 Nov. honoree: VET

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