LA Times Crossword answers Friday 16 July 2021

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Los Angeles Times 16 July 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 16 July 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Off: AMISS

6 Toronto's __ Khan Museum: AGA

9 Bygone ruler: TSAR

13 Echoing remark: SODOI

14 Short site? LOC

15 "Unity of humanity" faith: BAHAI

16 Obsolescent collection site: TOLLBOOTH

18 Unexpected profession, in modern lingo: LBOMB

19 "No argument here": ISEE

20 "__ you been up to?": WHATVE

22 Loos, briefly: WCS

23 "Anaconda" rapper Nicki: MINAJ

25 Playground retort: IAMSO

27 "__ use!": ITSNO

30 "You're too much!": OHSTOP

32 Luck, to Shakespeare: HAP

33 Clothing chain founder Rudolf or Nancy: TALBOT

36 Facebook button: LIKE

39 Paint type: OILBASE

41 Spendthrift: WASTREL

43 Movement in "The Nutcracker": PLIE

44 Least feral: TAMEST

46 Artistic medium: INK

47 Electronic genre: TECHNO

49 Some singers: ALTOS

51 "Tuesdays With Morrie" author Mitch: ALBOM

52 Frodo inherited his ring: BILBO

55 Bobbie Gentry wrote one to Billie Joe: ODE

56 Many a surfer: WAHINE

58 Villagers below the Grinch's cave: WHOS

62 Frenemy, at times: RIVAL

64 Hands-free greeting aptly depicted five times in this puzzle: ELBOWBUMP

66 Looks badly: LEERS

67 Sheltered: LEE

68 Put on the line: WAGER

69 __ log: YULE

70 Drug originally synthesized from ergot: LSD

71 Dramatic literary device: IRONY


1 Wine region east of Turin: ASTI

2 Herd voices: MOOS

3 Hardly working: IDLE

4 Heavy: SOLEMN

5 One of the fam: SIB

6 56-Across hi: ALOHA

7 Found work: GOTAJOB

8 Vier und vier: ACHT

9 Bill: TAB

10 Support the team, say: SHOWSPIRIT

11 Transmission repair franchise: AAMCO

12 Rack that's rubbed: RIBS

15 Pasture cry: BLEAT

17 Personal: OWN

21 Panoramic views: VISTAS

24 Shred: IOTA

26 Slough off: MOLT

27 Denny's competitor: IHOP

28 Bone head? TAIL

29 It has staggered stories: SPLITLEVEL

31 NHL legend Gordie: HOWE

34 Often-allergic condition: ASTHMA

35 Slim: LEAN

37 Gambling game: KENO

38 Part of BPOE: ELKS

40 Telly network, with "the": BEEB

42 Try: STAB

45 Cells, to Brits: MOBILES

48 Monastery wear: COWLS

50 Type of exercising squat: LOWBAR

51 It may be bid: ADIEU

53 Not up: INBED

54 Two before Libra: LEO

55 Paris airport: ORLY

57 "Other people," to Sartre: HELL

59 Sci-fi award: HUGO

60 Sign: OMEN

61 Light-footed: SPRY

63 "Blessed __ the meek ... ": ARE

65 JFK was born during it: WWI

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