LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 16 June 2018

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Los Angeles Times 16 June 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 16 June 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Weight-training equipment: SQUATRACKS

11 Cotton cleaner: QTIP

15 Traditional November race: TURKEYTROT

16 Social containers: URNS

17 Something a customer is happy to send back: REBATEFORM

18 One in Berlin: EINS

19 G8 member: USA

20 What an enemy exploits: WEAKSPOT

22 Needle holder: TONEARM

27 Sharon of Israel: ARIEL

28 Rewards for a big promotion? CLIOS

30 Laker teammate of Magic: KAREEM

33 "Aha!": SOTHATSIT

37 Flip: SASSY

38 Zaragoza's river: EBRO

39 Fabulous fellow? AESOP

41 Map's blue areas: SEAS

42 Motel arrival? ROACH

44 Like some diamonds: SQUARECUT

46 Role for Heston or Huston: BENHUR

48 Weasel relative: OTTER

49 "Fuller House" actor: SAGET

51 Chords are part of them: SECANTS

55 Cannes Film Festival award: PALMEDOR

58 Leave slack-jawed: AWE

59 Many a Syrian: ARAB

60 Booted, in old football: DROPKICKED

65 Give credit to: CITE

66 "Count me in!": IAMSOTHERE

67 Visionary: SEER

68 1999 Pacino/Crowe film about a whistleblower: THEINSIDER


1 Runway gait: STRUT

2 Nacho cheese: QUESO

3 Name of eight popes: URBAN

4 Handle letters: AKA

5 Vietnamese holiday: TET

6 Deli selection: RYE

7 DOJ division: ATF

8 Bird that's hard to eat? CROW

9 Peninsula partly defined by the Yalu River: KOREA

10 Gospel writer: STMARK

11 Subtitle of #48 in AFI's "100 Years...100 Songs": QUESERASERA

12 Cosmopolitan essential: TRIPLESEC

13 __ way, shape or form: INNO

14 Covert call: PSST

21 Souls, e.g.: KIAS

23 Place where it all comes back to you? ECHOCHAMBER

24 __ king: ALA

25 British vocalist __ Ora: RITA

26 Law recipient: MOSES

29 "Thong Song" singer: SISQO

31 Genesis brother: ESAU

32 Classic PC adventure game: MYST

33 President Aleksandar Vucic, for one: SERB

34 It has a brief solo in the first movement of Beethoven's Fifth: OBOE

35 Interpret: TRANSLATE

36 Talks up: TOUTS

40 Crown: PATE

43 Very significant: HUGE

45 Remote button: REC

47 Social news website: REDDIT

50 Jewish authority: TORAH

52 Blunt, as truth: NAKED

53 Quaint contraction: TWERE

54 Jewish meal: SEDER

55 Campaign donation orgs.: PACS

56 Grammy winner India.__: ARIE

57 "Quo Vadis" setting: ROME

61 Letter with a silent letter: PSI

62 "__-Tiki": KON

63 Cousin of hers: ITS

64 City with two MLB teams: CHI

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