LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 16 June 2020

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Los Angeles Times 16 June 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 16 June 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Single-celled creature: AMEBA

6 Cab alternative: UBER

10 Partner of aid: ABET

14 Disinterested: BORED

15 Georgetown athlete: HOYA

16 Hot under the collar: SORE

17 Pricey violin, for short: STRAD

18 Did some weeding: HOED

19 Start of a spell: ABRA

20 Tenderloin often served with BĂ©arnaise sauce: CHATEAUBRIAND

23 Prince Valiant's boy: ARN

24 Highest degree: NTH

25 Kindergarten art item: CRAYON

28 Squeaked by: MADEDO

30 Smeltery refuse: SLAG

32 Inc. kin: LLC

33 Rockies resort town: VAILCOLORADO

36 Rifle range supply: AMMO

39 Federation in OPEC: UAE

40 Les __ les autres: one another: UNES

41 Sub on a plate: HEROSANDWICH

46 Court players' gp.: ATP

47 Disapproving sounds: TSKS

48 Like a one-lane bridge: NARROW

52 Topiary tool: SHEARS

54 "http" often begins one: URL

55 Lemon finish? ADE

56 Biblical phrase in Lincoln's historic 6/16/1858 speech, and what each set of circled letters contains: AHOUSEDIVIDED

60 River seen from the Leaning Tower: ARNO

62 Old bread problem: MOLD

63 Breezing through: ACING

64 Rain cats and dogs: POUR

65 "Do it, or __!": ELSE

66 Eco-friendly word: REUSE

67 Falafel holder: PITA

68 Letter opener: DEAR

69 Those in favor: YESES


1 '70s-'80s scandal that inspired "American Hustle": ABSCAM

2 Lepidopteran foe of Godzilla: MOTHRA

3 Quick post office run, say: ERRAND

4 Outplay: BEAT

5 Back-of-the-book supplements: ADDENDA

6 "You betcha!": UHHUH

7 Blockhead: BOOB

8 Watcher: EYER

9 Politically extreme: RADICAL

10 Yoga posture: ASANA

11 "Blowin' in the Wind" singer/songwriter: BOBDYLAN

12 Make a mistake: ERR

13 Sri Lanka export: TEA

21 Yours, to Yves: ATOI

22 Legendary Greek ship: ARGO

26 Ye __ Shoppe: OLDE

27 Some mil. drillers: NCOS

29 Cruet filler, to Rachael Ray: EVOO

30 Tons: SCADS

31 MGM co-founder Marcus: LOEW

34 Blockhead: LUNK

35 German industrial region: RUHR

36 Cries of insight: AHAS

37 Protestant denom.: METH

38 Monocled food mascot: MRPEANUT

42 Houston MLBer: STRO

43 Took as a given: ASSUMED

44 45-Down inscription: INRI

45 Site of the Crucifixion: CALVARY

49 The "r" in pi-r-squared: RADIUS

50 Danish seaport: ODENSE

51 Wood-splitting tools: WEDGES

53 Now, in Nogales: AHORA

54 Cow's milk source: UDDER

57 Only: SOLE

58 Film lioness: ELSA

59 Slushy drink brand: ICEE

60 iPhone purchase: APP

61 French king: ROI

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