LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 16 June 2021

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Los Angeles Times 16 June 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 16 June 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 One working with dishes: CHEF

5 They change on birthdays: AGES

9 Vegan, e.g.: DIET

13 Reviewer's "10": RAVE

14 Absolut rival, familiarly: STOLI

15 First name in jazz singing: ELLA

16 "Excuse me ... ": AHEM

17 What golfers hit, with "the": LINKS

18 Send for delivery: SHIP

19 Traditional flowers used in Indian weddings: MARIGOLDS

21 Fad: CRAZE

22 Just learning about: NEWTO

23 Justice Kagan et al.: ELENAS

24 Another time: AGAIN

27 Flood stopper: LEVEE

29 Dishevels, as hair: MUSSES

31 Tel __: AVIV

32 Baseball bounce: HOP

35 Marsh plant: CATTAIL

37 Strauss opera based on a Sophocles tragedy: ELEKTRA

39 __-fi: SCI

40 Creepy look: LEER

42 "Ghostbusters" ghost: SLIMER

43 "Casablanca" star, informally: BOGIE

44 Divvy up: ALLOT

45 Come into view: EMERGE

48 Turn it down: SAYNO

51 Asia's __ Peninsula: MALAY

52 Party drink option, no corkscrew required ... and what's in each set of circles? BOXEDWINE

56 "Odelay" musician: BECK

57 "Queen of Salsa" Cruz: CELIA

58 __ rug: AREA

59 Wilcox daughter in "Howards End": EVIE

60 Relish the taste of: SAVOR

61 Social sensitivity: TACT

62 Cabs, say: REDS

63 Shopping cart unit: ITEM

64 Disapproving sounds: TSKS


1 Pull an all-nighter: CRAM

2 "LOL!": HAHA

3 At any time: EVER

4 Certain equality advocate: FEMINIST

5 Lopsided: ATILT

6 Aspen transport: GONDOLA

7 Group with lodges: ELKS

8 Member of the fam: SIS

9 "You Gotta Be" singer: DESREE

10 Minnesota's __ Omar: ILHAN

11 "Tru Calling" actress Dushku: ELIZA

12 Masking and others: TAPES

14 Like lento music: SLOW

20 Family tree subject: GENEALOGY

21 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame city: CLEVELAND

23 Bad things: EVILS

24 Gremlin and Pacer: AMCS

25 Avocado dip, for short: GUAC

26 Vino venue: ASTI

28 First lady: EVE

30 Long battle: SIEGE

32 Browser standard: HTML

33 Black-and-white treat: OREO

34 Hair line: PART

36 Luau accessory: LEI

38 Electric bill unit: KILOWATT

41 Settle: RESOLVE

43 They're depressed by drivers: BRAKES

45 Old flame? EMBER

46 Author Binchy: MAEVE

47 Spanish folk hero: ELCID

49 Truism: AXIOM

50 Once around the sun: YEAR

52 Rhythm: BEAT

53 Portfolio options, for short: IRAS

54 Place for a figurative pain: NECK

55 Dines: EATS

57 CBS series with multiple spin-offs: CSI

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