LA Times Crossword answers Friday 16 March 2018

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Los Angeles Times 16 March 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 16 March 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Fifth pillar of Islam: HAJJ

5 Puts on a patch, say: SEWS

9 Intestinal tract division: ILEUM

14 Moises of the 2002-'04 Cubs: ALOU

15 Card in a baby straight: TREY

16 Playground retort: CANSO

17 *Prepares to pass the football: BACKDROPS

19 Butyl acetate, e.g.: ESTER

20 Graphic novel artist: INKER

21 *Baseball position: STOPSHORT

23 Is connected: TIESIN

25 Water__: dental brand: PIK

26 Curator's deg.: MFA

27 Word with idea or luck: ANY

28 Gaucho's weapon: BOLA

31 Schmoozing sort: GABBER

33 Hardy heroine: TESS

35 Sweeping: VAST

37 Shocks, in a way: TASES

38 *Strokes in tennis: HEADSOVER

41 Uppity sort: SNOOT

44 Hospital fluids: SERA

45 Hair adornments: BOWS

49 Aerobic regime, familiarly: CARDIO

51 Many a Black Friday worker: TEMP

53 Casual negative: NAH

54 First __: AID

55 Two-timer: CAD

57 100 percent: PURELY

59 *Basketball strategy: BREAKFAST

63 Big haulers: MACKS

64 Comedic pianist Victor: BORGE

65 Fair play? ... or the key to understanding the answers to starred clues: TURNABOUT

67 "Sneak Previews" co-host: EBERT

68 Niagara Falls source: ERIE

69 Empty: BARE

70 Pranks: DIDOS

71 It may be payable monthly: DEBT

72 Bodily passage: ITER


1 Natural environment: HABITAT

2 Amino acid used in protein biosynthesis: ALANINE


4 Diner devices, familiarly: JUKES

5 Orch. section: STR

6 Piccadilly Circus statue: EROS

7 Turned on the waterworks: WEPT

8 Network admin: SYSOP

9 One of many seen at the NCAA's Frozen Four: ICESKATE

10 Mascara target: LASH

11 Puts to rest: ENTOMBS

12 Cover charge relative: USERFEE

13 Pestle partners: MORTARS

18 Smidgen: DRIB

22 Barnyard rooter: PIG

24 Stellar phenomenon: NOVA

29 Fellows: LADS

30 Corporate machinery, e.g.: ASSET

32 Caustic remark: BARB

34 Like racehorses: SHOD

36 Went like racehorses: TORE

39 Modern concert conveniences: ETICKETS

40 Mae West persona: VAMP

41 Crossed a picket line: SCABBED

42 Capital east of Lake Victoria: NAIROBI

43 Requested at a drive-thru: ORDERED

46 Primer application: ONECOAT

47 Wagner's "Die __": WALKURE

48 Lawyer to avoid: SHYSTER

50 Clumsy one: OAF

52 Big cat: PUMA

56 Old hat: DATED

58 Religious leader: RABBI

60 Prefix with industry: AGRO

61 Unwavering: SURE

62 Salt Lake daily, familiarly: TRIB

66 Realize: NET

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