LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 16 March 2021

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Los Angeles Times 16 March 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 16 March 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Promotes on TV, say: PLUGS

6 Elitist sort: SNOB

10 Great Salt Lake state: UTAH

14 Kayak kin: CANOE

15 Skating medalist Lipinski: TARA

16 Corn bread: PONE

17 *Embezzled: STOLEMONEY

19 Dirt road grooves: RUTS

20 Arrange, as a shawl: DRAPE

21 Acts with passion: EMOTES

23 Starfish's five, usually: ARMS

26 Call from the rear? BUTTDIAL

28 "Groovy!": NEATO

30 Mom-and-pop org.: PTA

31 Slunk: CREPT

34 Forensic tech's tool: UVLAMP

36 66-Down pro: EMT

38 Sea, in Spain: MAR

39 Result of too many six-packs? BEERGUT

41 Prestigious broadcasting award: PEABODY

44 Answer to "Who's hungry?": IAM

45 Turndowns: NOS

47 Makes right: AMENDS

48 Messy roommates: SLOBS

51 'Neath opposite: OER

53 Military academy student: CADET

54 Decade in which many Gen Zers were born: NINETIES

57 Cincinnati MLB team: REDS

58 Snoopy is one: BEAGLE

60 Poker-faced: STOIC

62 Slips up: ERRS

63 Fish dish garnish, or a hidden feature of the answers to starred clues: LEMONSLICE

68 Tall hiking socks can protect against one: TICK

69 Qatari leader: EMIR

70 Sickeningly sweet: SAPPY

71 Hurting after exercise: ACHY

72 Tape type: DUCT

73 Hardly in the dark: AWARE


1 Mac alternatives: PCS

2 Back muscle, briefly: LAT

3 Card game cry: UNO

4 "Well done" award: GOLDSTAR

5 One having visions: SEER

6 Visit at the penthouse: STOPUP

7 Comedy special for which Hannah Gadsby won a 2019 Emmy: NANETTE

8 Mother lode stuff: ORE

9 Howled: BAYED

10 Commotion: UPROAR

11 *Everyone in Paris? TOUTLEMONDE

12 Pay to play: ANTE

13 Company with toy trucks: HESS

18 Shakespeare's fairy queen: MAB

22 Word after hot or before drop: MIC

23 Egyptian god of the afterlife: ANUBIS

24 Disclose: REVEAL

25 *King or prince: MALEMONARCH

27 Pack (down): TAMP

29 Texter's "Wow!": OMG

32 Like an exaggerated rŽsumŽ: PADDED

33 Secret meetings: TRYSTS

35 Groaner, maybe: PUN

37 Bubble __: Taiwanese drink: TEA

40 Quick honk: TOOT

42 "Better Call Saul" channel: AMC

43 Pastry with an ursine name: BEARCLAW

46 Earthquake-caused: SEISMIC

49 Montana resort area: BIGSKY

50 NBC skit show: SNL

52 "Are so!" or "Am not!": RETORT

55 Sought morays: EELED

56 Cain, to Eve: SON

58 Alpha follower: BETA

59 Stonestreet of "Modern Family": ERIC

61 "Insecure" star Rae: ISSA

64 Australian avian: EMU

65 Brew initials: IPA

66 Life-saving proc.: CPR

67 Watch closely: EYE

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