LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 16 May 2019

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Los Angeles Times 16 May 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 16 May 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Expert in Islamic law: MUFTI

6 Classroom tools: RULERS

12 Nation partly in the Arctic Circle: FINLAND

14 Left: GONEOUT

15 ÒI didnÕt lie!Ó: ITWASSO

16 Select, as a jury: EMPANEL

17 Classic 1818 novel: FRANKENSTEIN

19 Otoscope target: EAR

20 Unnamed character in 17-Across: THEMONSTER

24 In a calculating way: SLYLY

27 Antipoverty agcy.: OEO

28 Actor Stephen: REA

29 Prefix with plus: SUR

31 Reduce in status: DRAGDOWN

35 Author of 17-Across: MARYSHELLEY

37 Slapstick reaction: SPITTAKE

39 Borrow, but not really: BUM

40 Ò__ you serious?Ó: ARE

41 Talk and talk: YAP

43 Namely: TOWIT

47 1974 portrayer of 17-Across: GENEWILDER

52 Ò__ scale of 1 to 10 ... Ó: ONA

53 1931 portrayer of 20-Across: BORISKARLOFF

56 King in 1 Kings: SOLOMON

59 Shoulder piece: EPAULET

60 Like some rural bridges: ONELANE

61 July 4, 1776, notables: SIGNERS

62 Green field? BOTANY

63 Campus figures: DEANS


1 Kind of heart valve: MITRAL

2 Easily led astray: UNWARY

3 Rich dessert: FLAN

4 Something to do: TASK

5 Map box: INSET

6 ÒDid my heart love till now?Ó speaker: ROMEO

7 Detach, as a dress pattern: UNPIN

8 IsnÕt straight: LEANS

9 Big stretch: EON

10 Deeply regret: RUE

11 Mo. town: STL

12 High winds: FIFES

13 Honolulu-born singer: DONHO

14 Go back for a second helping: GETMORE

18 A dandelionÕs are called blowballs: SEEDHEADS

21 Fox NFL analyst Aikman: TROY

22 ÒIck!Ó: EEW

23 Fled: RAN

25 Future JDÕs exam: LSAT

26 Mongolian tent: YURT

30 Shaggy rug from 12-Across: RYA

32 Kosovo neighbor: Abbr.: ALB

33 Surfeit: GLUT

34 How-to presentation: DEMO

35 Bearing: MIEN

36 Prominent New York City feature: SKYLINE

37 Give a little: SAG

38 Not post-: PRE

42 Short dogs, for short: PEKES

44 Like some scarves: WOOLEN

45 Works out: INFERS

46 Last family to keep a White House cow: TAFTS

48 Dangerous virus: EBOLA

49 Lennon love song: WOMAN

50 Twist: IRONY

51 Fleet: RAPID

54 Heated state: RAGE

55 Large green moth: LUNA

56 One may be choked back: SOB

57 Dedicatee of 49-Down: ONO

58 __ alone: not to mention: LET

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