LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 16 May 2020

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Los Angeles Times 16 May 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 16 May 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Silver, in heraldry: ARGENT

7 Works with small bricks: LEGOART

14 Legal opposite of negligence: DUECARE

16 Leaving exposed nails: OPENTOE

17 Material: ONTOPIC

18 Houston, for one: OILTOWN

19 Microscopic messenger: RNA

20 Enjoys a lakeside diversion: SKIPSSTONES

22 Makes a plea: BEGS

24 One with a Florida nest egg: EGRET

25 Reduce: PARE

26 Word before steak or after chicken: STRIP

28 Single: ONE

29 '60s hallucinogen: LSD

30 Soprano's note: HIGHB

32 Gran's daughter, humorously: MUMSY

35 1521 Magellan landing site: PHILIPPINES

38 Like some sports highlights: SLOMO

39 Checked out ahead of time: CASED

41 "All the Stars" one-named singer with Kendrick Lamar: SZA

44 Is in the past? WAS

45 Crisp fruit, maybe: PEARS

47 Like crossword clues about crossword clues, say: META

49 Audibly stunned: AGASP

52 Proof word: STET

53 "You lost me": IDONTFOLLOW

56 Astronaut Jemison: MAE

57 Sign of Broadway success: LONGRUN

58 Crane producer? ORIGAMI

60 Wrap: ENCLOSE

61 Equipment company named for a cycling group: PELOTON

62 __ syndrome: allergic reaction to insect bites: SKEETER

63 Craps naturals: SEVENS


1 Totes presh: ADORBS

2 Biblical flows? RUNNETH

3 Keep it together, so to speak: GETAGRIP

4 Lead-in to "lodge" or "logy": ECO

5 Short rests: NAPS

6 Minor cycle: TRIKE

7 Stretch, say: LOOSENUP

8 Relating to knowledge: EPISTEMIC

9 Hannukah reward: GELT

10 Leading: ONTOP

11 Not exactly hummable: ATONAL

12 Subjects of "The Boys in the Boat": ROWERS

13 Got edgy: TENSED

15 Vaper's need, informally: ECIG

21 School dance invite portmanteau: PROMPOSAL

23 Venetian bridge composition? SIGHS

27 TV Dr.: PHIL

31 Fly off the handle: BLOWAFUSE

33 Fly off the handle: SNAP

34 Committed replies: YESES

36 Toast words? IMAGONER

37 Flying companion, say: SEATMATE

40 Two-word phrase that's synonymous with its second word backwards: DREAMON

41 Close parentheses, at times: SMILES

42 Striped equine hybrid: ZEDONK

43 Instantly: ATONCE

46 Draft holders: STEINS

48 Theta, in geometry: ANGLE

50 Unappealing food: SLOP

51 Skin features: PORES

54 More than walk: TROT

55 "Looney Tunes" first name: WILE

59 URL ending: GOV

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