LA Times Crossword answers Monday 16 May 2022

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Los Angeles Times 16 May 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 16 May 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Blackjack player's request to a dealer: HITME

6 Mouth off to: SASS

10 Punxsutawney celebrity: PHIL

14 Fairy tale monsters: OGRES

15 Tattoo parlor supplies: INKS

16 "iZombie" actress McIver: ROSE

17 Response to "Thanks": GLADTODOIT

19 Jazz great Fitzgerald: ELLA

20 Gardener's bagful: SOIL

21 Penny: CENT

22 Milk source: UDDER

23 Last non-AD yr.: ONEBC

25 Prefix meaning "all": OMNI

27 Response to "Thanks": YOUREWELCOME

33 Bubble bath spot: TUB

36 Eurasian border river: URAL

37 Laugh nervously: TITTER

38 Festoon: ADORN

40 Energy: PEP

42 Relatively cool heavenly body: KSTAR

43 Krispy Kreme products: DONUTS

45 Nick at __: NITE

47 Slip-__: shoes without laces: ONS

48 Response to "Thanks": ANYTIMEATALL

51 Meat Loaf's "Bat Out of __": HELL

52 Big name in hotels: HYATT

55 Iridescent gems: OPALS

58 Too: ALSO

61 __ school: PREP

63 Muted, as colors: PALE

64 Response to "Thanks": MYPLEASURE

66 Self-images: EGOS

67 Retired tennis pro Kournikova: ANNA

68 "Big Little Lies" actress Witherspoon: REESE

69 Brooklyn NBA team: NETS

70 Exam: TEST

71 Ill-fated Ford: EDSEL


1 "You can't have any!" types: HOGS

2 Aptly named cooler brand: IGLOO

3 "How to __ Your Dragon": TRAIN

4 Sampling of songs: MEDLEY

5 Inexact no.: EST

6 Agree (with): SIDE

7 Unknown composer, for short: ANON

8 Chairlift alternative: SKITOW

9 Former Air France jet, for short: SST

10 Foretells: PREDICTS

11 Wait on the phone: HOLD

12 Cruise stopover: ISLE

13 Shakespearean king with three daughters: LEAR

18 Take place: OCCUR

22 Not probable: UNLIKELY

24 Generous bonuses: BOUNTIES

26 Bumped into: MET

28 Knock: RAP

29 Supreme Court justice Kagan: ELENA

30 "The Simpsons" bus driver: OTTO

31 Cruel: MEAN

32 Slips up: ERRS

33 "Look what I did!": TADA

34 Japanese soup noodles: UDON

35 Super skinny: BONY

39 Without mercy: RUTHLESS

41 Avocado center: PIT

44 Tee sizes, briefly: SML

46 California/Nevada resort lake: TAHOE

49 Comedian Boosler: ELAYNE

50 Expired, as a subscription: LAPSED

53 Brings into alignment: TRUES

54 Not long-winded: TERSE

55 Inviting store window sign: OPEN

56 Numbered book part: PAGE

57 "That was __ of fun!": ALOT

59 ICU caregivers: LPNS

60 Picket fence piece: SLAT

62 Take (off): PEEL

64 Little rug: MAT

65 "You __ My Sunshine": ARE

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