LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 16 November 2019

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Los Angeles Times 16 November 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 16 November 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Celebrate Black Friday, say: SHOP

5 Data transmission unit: BAUD

9 Jets: SPEWS

14 TV show set in a theme park: WESTWORLD

16 Island along the Au'au Channel: LANAI

17 Scheming: INCAHOOTS

18 Red Sox slugger David: ORTIZ

19 Spears label: RCA

20 Epps of "House": OMAR

21 Windex unit: SPRITZ

22 Noble title: LORD

24 Nickname for "The King of Clay": RAFA

26 Goofy image? CEL

27 California wine region: SONOMA

30 Tchotchke holder: ETAGERE

33 BeyoncĹ˝ and Jay-Z, e.g.: POWERCOUPLE

36 Symbolic gift, often: DIAMONDRING

38 Corporate espionage target: TRADESECRET

40 Swamp gas, essentially: METHANE

43 Watch closely: PEERAT

45 The "black" in black ice: TAR

46 Worshipper's subject: IDOL

49 "The Open Window" author: SAKI

50 Coat-like garments: FROCKS

53 Collars: NABS

56 It can be risky to work without one: NET

57 "I surrender!": UNCLE

58 Place to get some culture? PETRIDISH

60 Arabic for "struggle": JIHAD

61 Repurposed railway, perhaps: BIKEROUTE

62 Tabloid twosomes: ITEMS

63 Lot: SLEW

64 Bruise-resistant potatoes, say, briefly: GMOS


1 Some cake decorations: SWIRLS

2 House with many layers: HENCOOP

3 Character recognition? OSCARNOD

4 Bk. fair organizer: PTA

5 Good time: BOOM

6 Cheering loudly: AROAR

7 __ running: more-than-a-marathon race: ULTRA

8 Driller's deg.: DDS

9 Farm fare: SLOP

10 Henry VIII's sixth: PARR

11 Sweet-talk: ENTICE

12 One needing orders: WAITER

13 Pizzazz: SIZZLE

15 "Don't know her": WHO

21 Course for H.S. exam takers: SATPREP

23 Benefit by: DOWITH

25 Longstanding disputes: FEUDS

28 Funny Anne: MEARA

29 Fancy suits: ARMANIS

31 "... a grin without a cat!" thinker: ALICE

32 Action and adventure: GENRES

34 Produced some Java: CODED

35 x/x: ONE

37 Garden favorite also known as cranesbill: GERANIUM

39 Becomes fond of: TAKESTO

40 Peak that last erupted in 1707-'08: MTFUJI

41 Be deserving: EARNIT

42 Cough drop: TROCHE

44 Donates, in a way: TITHES

47 First African-American major-league coach Buck: ONEIL

48 Hanukkah dinner staple: LATKE

51 Chowder morsel: CLAM

52 Some kicks, so to speak: KEDS

54 Produce some java: BREW

55 It may precede and follow yes: SIR

58 "Finding Your Roots" airer: PBS

59 __ days: DOG

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