LA Times Crossword answers Monday 16 November 2020

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Los Angeles Times 16 November 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 16 November 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Wedding party escort: USHER

6 Witch's incantation: SPELL

11 Image file suffix: JPG

14 Garden-guarding spirit: GNOME

15 Free-for-all: MELEE

16 Poetic "before": ERE

17 "Fingers crossed!": HERESHOPING

19 Golf starting point: TEE

20 Cattle identifier: EARTAG

21 Puts dressing in, as a turkey: STUFFS

23 Painter or sculptor: ARTIST

24 American addition to Chinese cuisine: CRQ SUEY

26 Face cover: VEIL

27 Hawaii's Mauna __: LOA

28 Watch over: TEND

29 Shakespearean rumpus: ADO

30 Sad on the Seine? BLEU

32 Migratory salmon: SMOLTS

34 Vessel carrying soldiers: TROOPSHIP

36 Directs (to), as a specialist: REFERS

39 Fibbed: LIED

40 __ moment: revelation: AHA

43 Yemeni port: ADEN

44 Bumped into: MET

45 Hoity-toity sort: SNOB

46 Steph Curry hoops specialty: JUMPSHOT

49 Draw idly: DOODLE

51 College grounds: CAMPUS

52 Lighthearted banter: LEVITY

53 See 53-Down: PAL

54 Earth-friendly retailer ... and a hint to the circled letters: RECYCLESHOP

57 Consumed: ATE

58 Stay away from: AVOID

59 Offends the nose: REEKS

60 "Spot on!": YES

61 Dots on a map: TOWNS

62 Doctrinal belief: TENET


1 "This tastes awful!": UGH

2 Smiled with disdain: SNEERED

3 Fictional captain Hornblower: HORATIO

4 "Bam!" chef: EMERIL

5 Takes ten: RESTS

6 Air quality issue: SMOG

7 __ talk: team motivator: PEP

8 "Happy Endings" actress Cuthbert: ELISHA

9 Largo relative: LENTO

10 Assistance, with "a": LEGUP

11 Propellant for a flying fighter: JETFUEL

12 Roll call response: PRESENT

13 "Who knew?": GEE

18 __ trick: hockey player's three goals in a game: HAT

22 SLR setting: FSTOP

23 "Selma" director DuVernay: AVA

24 Rhyming pair: COUPLET

25 NFL stats: YDS

27 Zodiac feline: LEO

30 "Turn on the heat!": BRR

31 __ Angeles: LOS

32 "... __ loves me not": SHE

33 Prefix with night: MID

34 Local news hr.: TENPM

35 Obedience school command: SIT

36 Friend of TV's Sheldon and Leonard: RAJ

37 Provide schooling for: EDUCATE

38 Ewes and does: FEMALES

40 "Subsequently ... ": ANDTHEN

41 Mount __: oldest Seven Sisters college: HOLYOKE

42 Civil War prez: ABE

44 Red Square city: MOSCOW

45 "It's pretty obvious": SOISEE

47 Nursery rhyme dieter: SPRAT

48 Spanish omelet ingredient: HUEVO

49 Joe Biden's st.: DEL

50 Unconcealed: OVERT

52 Certain TV screens: LCDS

53 With 53-Across, money transfer app: PAY

55 Yang's counterpart: YIN

56 Wash. winter hours: PST

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