LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 16 November 2021

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Los Angeles Times 16 November 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 16 November 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Outer border: EDGE

5 Soft "Hey, you!": PSST

9 Type of bagel: SESAME

15 "Wuthering Heights" setting: MOOR

16 "I have a bad feeling about this": UHOH

17 Removed, as a pencil mark: ERASED

18 Automatic time-out near the end of each NFL half: TWOMINUTEWARNING

21 Pay a call on: VISIT

22 Auction offer: BID

23 Medium-sized apple: GALA

24 Parts of an act: SCENES

26 Dance named for a horse's gait: GALOP

28 Here-there in-between: NOR

29 Guided sightseeing event in the "Gilligan's Island" theme: THREEHOURTOUR

32 Biotech room: LAB

33 Paleozoic __: ERA

34 Knocks firmly: RAPS

37 Food-dropped-on-the-floor "policy": FIVESECONDRULE

43 Pulitzer author Jennifer: EGAN

44 Reuben bread: RYE

45 LGBT History Mo.: OCT

47 1955 Marilyn Monroe film, with "The": SEVENYEARITCH

53 __-rock: music: ALT

56 Pricey watch: ROLEX

57 Pooch's plaything: DOGTOY

58 Nagano noodle: SOBA

60 Worksheet line: ROW

61 Noodle shape: ELBOW

62 Large-audience schedule item ... and what the four other longest answers comprise? PRIMETIMELISTING

67 Anger to the max: ENRAGE

68 Baker's appliance: OVEN

69 Golfer Aoki: ISAO

70 Fenway team: REDSOX

71 Viral internet item: MEME

72 "bye 4 now": TTYL


1 Defib expert: EMT

2 The "D" in DJIA: DOW

3 Succeed impressively: GOOVERBIG

4 Ferret's cousin: ERMINE

5 Grounds for bad behavior, say: PUNISHES

6 Close: SHUT

7 Drunkard: SOT

8 Law exam, familiarly: THEBAR

9 Jet Ski rival: SEADOO

10 Drop a fly, e.g.: ERR

11 Did a number: SANG

12 Lai or Thai: ASIAN

13 __ Park: Edison lab site: MENLO

14 Mystery writers' award: EDGAR

19 "That makes sense": ISEE

20 Become limp: WILT

24 Mo. metropolis: STL

25 Rub the wrong way: CHAFE

26 Chip dip, casually: GUAC

27 Run smoothly, as an engine: PURR

30 Tram load: ORE

31 India-born author Santha Rama __: RAU

35 Story line surprise: PLOTTWIST

36 Italian for "dry": SECCO

38 Mil. hospitals: VAS

39 Part of DOE: Abbr.: ENER

40 African antelope: ORYX

41 "Bill __ the Science Guy": '90s TV show: NYE

42 When the story is due: DEADLINE

46 " ... hallowed be __ name": THY

48 Whirlpool: VORTEX

49 "The Time Machine" race: ELOI

50 One raising her first child: NEWMOM

51 Takes badly? ROBS

52 "Eureka!": IGOTIT

53 In accordance with: ASPER

54 Michaels of "SNL": LORNE

55 "Thelma & Louise" car: TBIRD

59 Amo, __, amat ...: AMAS

61 S, Am, Ac, K or Er: ELEM

63 It may be inflated: EGO

64 Ill-fated fruit eater: EVE

65 Vote of opposition: NAY

66 Score in fœtbol: GOL

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