LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 16 October 2016

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Los Angeles Times 16 October 2016 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 16 October 2016

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Using currency: INCASH

7 Reacted to a late night out: SLEPTIN

14 Frozen dessert: SORBET

20 Snack chip: DORITO

21 Derogatory statement: CALUMNY

22 Puddy tat's quarry: TWEETY


25 Baggage porter: REDCAP

26 "__ difference": SAME

27 Throat tissue: TONSIL

28 Org. associated with long lines: TSA

30 2016 Olympics golf gold medalist Justin __: ROSE

31 Honey brand: SUEBEE

33 Something to soak in: TUB

36 "Recapping ... ": INSUM

38 Blanc with many voices: MEL

41 Resort NE of Los Alamos: TAOS


46 Pizza parlor lure: AROMA

48 "Duh!" evoker: NOBRAINER

49 Stick in a parlor: CUE

50 Hitched: TIETHEKNOT

54 Street __: CRED

55 Pond growth: ALGA

56 Hanging on by a thread: SEWN

57 Vintage autos: REOS

58 Throbbed: ACHED

60 Frozen drinks: ICEES


64 Patriot Silas: DEANE

65 Round fig.: CIR


73 In medias __: RES

74 In full view: OVERT

76 Literary motto words: ONEFORALL

78 Securing strings: LACES

79 See 51-Down: GAGNE

82 Setting of Camus' "The Plague": ORAN

83 Wind with keys: OBOE

87 Soon, in verse: ANON

88 One way to fly: SOLO


91 AFC South, e.g.: DIV

92 Typical fast-food offering: CHEAPMEAL

95 Tossed in a chip: ANTED


98 Bedside toggle switch: AMFM

101 Crafty: SLY

102 Fence pieces: RAILS

103 Case in Eng. class: OBJ

104 Like some dress patterns: FLORAL

106 Only president who was also chief justice: TAFT

108 Norse war god: TYR

110 Algonquin kin: OJIBWA

112 "Exodus" novelist: URIS

116 Land, say: ARRIVE


122 Metaphor for the good life: CLOVER

123 Explorer of new territory: PIONEER

124 Connecticut town on Long Island Sound: DARIEN

125 Hits involving trots: HOMERS

126 Leading position: TOPSPOT

127 Bergman and Borg: SWEDES


1 Middle March: IDES

2 Smoked salmon: NOVA

3 Compensate for prior laziness, perhaps: CRAM

4 Hill workers: AIDES

5 Sault __ Marie: STE

6 It may be herbal: HOTTEA

7 Discomfiting displays: SCENES

8 Oversight: LAPSE

9 Fair-haired sci-fi race: ELOI

10 Soda can feature: PULLTAB

11 "That's more than enough!": TMI

12 Business issue: INC

13 Natasha's no: NYET

14 Broken down, say: STRANDED

15 Must pay: OWE

16 "The Shining" word with two mirror-image letters: REDRUM


18 T-storms may delay them: ETAS

19 Sort: TYPE

24 Bindle carrier: HOBO

29 Broke a Commandment: SINNED

32 "Point Break" FBI agent Johnny: UTAH

34 Former 37-Down: UKI

35 Vacation spot: BEACH

37 Abbr. on Cold War maps: SSR

38 Shoes may be left on them: MATS

39 Lake that anagrams 43-Down: ERIE

40 Movie mogul Marcus: LOEW

42 Clever remark: MOT

43 Land that anagrams 39-Down: EIRE

44 City south of Salem: EUGENE

45 Kids: TEASES

47 Ozarks, e.g.: Abbr.: MTNS

48 Polite refusal: NOSIR

51 With 79-Across, 2003 N.L. Cy Young Award winner: ERIC

52 Lane co-worker: KENT

53 "It's __ good sign": NOTA

55 Golfer's thrill: ACE

58 Unaccompanied: ALONE

59 Put behind bars: CAGE

60 Country poem: IDYL

62 Scratching post users: CATS

63 Dianetics creator Hubbard: LRON

65 Pi–a __: COLADA

66 "Terrible" tsar: IVANIV


69 On the bad side (of): AFOUL

70 Expected result: NORM

71 Deceitful lure: TRAP

72 Lois' "Superboy" counterpart: LANA

75 Stimpy's chum: REN

77 Bird on Canada's dollar coin: LOON

79 Give some slack, with "on": GOEASY

80 What there oughta be: ALAW

81 Relinquish amateur status: GOPRO

84 Nocturnal mammals: BATS

85 Russian city northeast of Kiev: OREL

86 Hot tub feature: EDDY

88 Stray caretakers: SHELTERS

89 Spree: JAG

90 Auburn rival, familiarly: BAMA

92 Cinematic FX: CGI

93 Criminal element, with "the": MOB

94 Legally prohibits: ENJOINS

97 Indigenous: NATIVE

98 Uncle in a McCartney hit: ALBERT

99 Trims the lawn: MOWS

100 Phonies: FRAUDS

104 McGarrett's force, familiarly: FIVEO

105 Immoral profit: LUCRE

106 Dash instrument: TACH

107 Woody's son: ARLO

109 Absorbed: RAPT

111 "Go Anywhere. Do Anything" vehicle: JEEP

113 Senate minority leader: REID

114 "Of course": ISEE

115 Tax form IDs: SSNS

117 Bible transl., e.g.: VER

119 1955 labor merger gp.: CIO

120 I follower: HOP

121 Cry close to the ears: CAW

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