LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 16 October 2021

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Los Angeles Times 16 October 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 16 October 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Term of address in old Westerns: KEMOSABE

9 Survives, maybe: ADAPTS

15 Freaking out: INAPANIC

16 DNA sample source: SALIVA

17 Writer's challenge: DRYSPELL

18 Ascent, for one: SUBARU

19 Crowd around: MOB

20 Show confidence in, with "by": SWEAR

22 "Seinfeld" surname: BENES

23 Touch: ABUT

25 Short piece: STUB

27 2018 film for which Alfonso Cuar—n won Best Director: ROMA

28 Beersheba's region: NEGEV

30 Organic fuel source: PEATBOG

32 "The Color of Money" game: NINEBALL

36 Enjoyed, with "up": ATE

37 Controversial phenomenon in response to controversial actions: CANCELCULTURE

40 Disheveled do: MOP

41 "Capisce?": AMICLEAR

42 They make a lot of calls: UMPIRES

44 Inflexible: RIGID

48 Kids' song locale: DELL

49 Cries of success: AHAS

52 Tireless assistant: SIRI

53 Puppy: WHELP

55 L.A.'s __ Museum of the American West: AUTRY

58 Outlaw: BAN

59 Fix: REPAIR

61 "Anything's possible": DREAMBIG

63 Alicia Keys label: ARISTA

64 Got off the leash: RANLOOSE

65 View secretly: PEEKAT

66 Penciled-in item: EYELINER


1 Oscar winner as Woolf in 2002: KIDMAN

2 Dress for court, maybe: ENROBE

3 Common name for a cockchafer: MAYBUG

4 Covert __: OPS

5 Drains: SAPS

6 One way to begin: ANEW

7 Gymnast who won four golds in Rio: BILES

8 Brilliance: ECLAT

9 Biblical mount: ASS

10 Slap (on): DAUB

11 Renaissance painter DŸrer: ALBERT

12 Setting for a Billy Joel classic: PIANOBAR

13 One hiding in the cushions? TVREMOTE

14 Breakfast link: SAUSAGE

21 "Drag Race" host: RUPAUL

24 Ark. neighbor: TENN

26 Ball charmer: BELLE

29 Church official: VICAR

31 Union setting: ALTAR

33 Site of Hercules' first labor: NEMEA

34 "24" actress Cuthbert: ELISHA

35 Discreetly send a dupe to: BCC

37 Curt summons: COMEHERE

38 Slice of Americana? APPLEPIE

39 "Trinity" novelist: URIS

40 Spa treatment whose effects are temporary, per the FDA: MUDWRAP

43 "Lemme check": ILLASK

45 Small Asian ape: GIBBON

46 Announcement that suggests strength: IRAISE

47 Homer or jack: DINGER

50 Feminist poet Lorde: AUDRE

51 Many a pound adoptee: STRAY

54 It's a wrap: PITA

56 Surrealist Magritte: RENE

57 Dixie bunch? YALL

60 Snitch: RAT

62 "You can't mean me!": MOI

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