LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 16 September 2017

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Los Angeles Times 16 September 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 16 September 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Directions home: MAP

4 Slow: DELAY

9 Key of Elgar's "Symphony No. 1": AFLAT

14 San Antonio Spurs' 1993-2002 home: ALAMODOME

16 Employer of a lizard and a pig: GEICO

17 Author of the 2011 memoir "My Father at 100": RONREAGAN

18 Greek leader? ALPHA

19 "I __ it!": KNEW

20 National League athlete: MET

21 Equilibrium: STASIS

22 Dale relative: GLEN

24 Weapon in some supernatural movies: STAKE

26 Thus far: YET

27 Ship mover: SAIL

29 Joseph of ice cream fame: EDY

30 One of the deadly sins: ENVY

31 Event with a caller: SQUAREDANCE

34 Fruit on a veggie pizza: BLACKOLIVES

35 Justin case? BIEBERFEVER

36 Undesirable descriptor for makeup: CAKY

37 ___-A-Fella Records: ROC

38 Thus: ERGO

40 "Correct, cap'n": AYE

41 Currently airing: ONNOW

43 Hamilton notes: TENS

45 Fight like sticks figures? RASSLE

47 Sch. with a Providence campus: URI

49 __ Vogue: TEEN

51 Thins, e.g.: OREOS

52 Three-book Newton work: PRINCIPIA

54 Paper for a letter? LEASE


56 Tried to contain: SATON

57 Zero out: RESET

58 1980s gaming release: NES


1 Annotate: MARK

2 Onward: ALONG

3 Symposium groups: PANELS

4 Big name in anonymity: DOE

5 Cheese town: EDAM

6 Upscale tiers: LOGES

7 Standard procedure: AMATTEROFCOURSE

8 Japanese cabbage? YEN

9 Quartz type: AGATE

10 Afrobeat star __ Kuti: FELA

11 Mouths: LIPSYNCS

12 Realize: ACHIEVE

13 Pleasantly warm: TOASTY

15 "Harry Potter" father figure: MRWEASLEY

21 Parachute: SKYDIVE

23 Arabian Peninsula veil: NIQAB

25 "Hello" singer: ADELE

28 City in central Switzerland: LUCERNE


32 LeBron's birth city: AKRON

33 Turn away: AVERT

34 Schwinn component: BIKESEAT

35 Redwood City locale: BAYAREA

36 Door-to-door offerings: CAROLS

39 First to fall in most strikes: ONEPIN

41 Elizabeth who plays the Scarlet Witch in Marvel movies: OLSEN

42 Legal orders: WRITS

44 Wrest: SEIZE

46 "Meh": SOSO

48 Concerning: INRE

50 Turndowns from the tartan-clad: NAES

52 Iberian land, to the IOC: POR

53 Batter of balls? CAT

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