LA Times Crossword answers Monday 16 September 2019

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Los Angeles Times 16 September 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 16 September 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Really big hit: SMASH

6 Numero uno, with "the": BEST

10 One always ready with quick comebacks: WIT

13 W.C. Fields persona: SOUSE

14 Strand during a sleet storm, say: ICEIN

16 Green prefix: ECO

17 Football non-passing offense: RUNNINGGAME

19 Fish eggs: ROE

20 __ the table: arrange silverware and such: SET

21 MBA or MFA: Abbr.: DEG

22 Behind, or hit from behind: REAREND

24 Farm song refrain: EIEIO

26 Hasenpfeffer, e.g.: STEW

27 Open-and-__ case: SHUT

30 Get one more card for twice the bet, in blackjack: DOUBLEDOWN

34 36-Across skunk PepŽ: LEPEW

36 Warner Bros. creation: TOON

37 Author Tolstoy: LEO

38 European peak: ALP

39 "Gosh, look at the time": ITSLATE

42 Sundial seven: VII

43 You, to Goethe: SIE

44 "Peter Pan" dog: NANA

45 Sediment: DREGS

47 Car engine measure: HORSEPOWER

51 Arthur of tennis: ASHE

52 "Unforgettable" singer: COLE

53 Peter, Paul or Mary: SAINT

55 Philosophy school with no classes? MARXISM

58 Biol. or geol.: SCI

59 "Bingo!": AHA

62 Australian bird: EMU

63 Opening kickoff, say, and what both parts of 17-, 30- and 47-Across can be: STARTOFPLAY

66 Sailor's "Help!": SOS

67 Woodsy path: TRAIL

68 Deed: TITLE

69 Gallery hangings: ART

70 Bldg. with a pool: YMCA

71 "I Am of Ireland" poet: YEATS


1 Lat. and Est., once: SSRS

2 Grimace: MOUE

3 Em, to Dorothy: AUNT

4 Nine-digit ID: SSN

5 Alpine heroine: HEIDI

6 Astros Hall of Famer Craig __: BIGGIO

7 Cardio readout: ECG

8 Blacken: SEAR

9 Schedule opening: TIMESLOT

10 Human/canine shape-shifters: WEREWOLVES

11 Screen symbol to click on: ICON

12 Open-__ shoes: TOED

15 Tidied, as a room: NEATENED

18 Require: NEED

23 Cabernet color: RED

24 Summer in Lyon: ETE

25 Western bad guys: OUTLAWS

27 Cut drastically, as prices: SLASH

28 Prefix for "sun": HELIO

29 Elite group: UPPERCRUST

31 Fancy neckwear: BOA

32 Mull over: WEIGH

33 Bam, bang or boom: NOISE

35 Sommelier's menu: WINELIST

40 Complex woven textile: TAPESTRY

41 __-Caps: candy: SNO

46 Backstabber: RAT

48 Fenway team, familiarly: SOX

49 SoCal Latinx neighborhood: EASTLA

50 Puerto __: RICO

54 Really cool: NIFTY

55 Big butte: MESA

56 Love, in Lima: AMOR

57 Hat-tipper's word of address: MAAM

59 Opposite of baja: ALTA

60 "Stop right there!": HALT

61 Shipboard yeses: AYES

64 Rocker Ocasek: RIC

65 Dessert pastry: PIE

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