LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 16 September 2021

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Los Angeles Times 16 September 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 16 September 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Disappearing sounds: POOFS

6 Bridge support: TRUSS

11 __ rule: ASA

14 Principle: TENET

15 Arrived at a dock, perhaps, with "to": SWAMUP

16 Bars often scanned, for short: UPC

17 Alternative medicine treatment: AROMATHERAPY

19 Masters figure: PAR

20 "Where are you?" response, perhaps: INHERE

21 Staple of African food: TARO

22 Poet Gorman who read at President Biden's inauguration: AMANDA

25 Publicity packages: PRESSKITS

29 Puts up a fight: RESISTS

31 Tijuana titles: SENORAS

32 FEMA supplies: COTS

33 High-end Apple line: MACPRO

36 "Night on Bald Mountain" inspiration: WITCHESSABBATH

42 Arrive, as clouds: ROLLIN

43 Take in a heist: LOOT

45 Market in advance: PRESELL

49 Stuffy: AIRLESS

52 Perspicacious: EAGLEEYED

55 "¿Cuánto __?": "How much is it?": CUESTA

56 More than listen: OBEY

57 Lengthy account: LITANY

59 "Washington Week" airer: PBS

60 Order served with toothpicks ... and what each of the other four longest answers is? CLUBSANDWICH

66 English __: LIT

67 Phillips 66 brand: CONOCO

68 Former first daughter: MALIA

69 Exobiology subj.: ETS

70 Holds up: SLOWS

71 "Battlestar Galactica" enemy: CYLON


1 School support gp.: PTA

2 Poetic adverb: OER

3 Tokyo's Yoko: ONO

4 Like "The Handmaid's Tale," to many critics (but not to the author): FEMINIST

5 Arena section: STANDS

6 Squirt: TWERP

7 Less cooked: RARER

8 Thurman of "Batman & Robin": UMA

9 "Yo, what's new?": SUP

10 Word with glass or ware: SPY

11 Worker with a host family: AUPAIR

12 Helen's homeland: SPARTA

13 To the opposite side of: ACROSS

15 Pop duo __ & Him: SHE

18 Unnamed object: THAT

21 Ring ref's decision: TKO

22 Hoops three-point line, e.g.: ARC

23 "Where's my Fancy Feast?": MEOW

24 Bubbly brand: ASTI

26 Land bordering los Pirineos: ESPANA

27 Belgrade native: SERB

28 Classist type: SNOB

30 Foul: SMELLY

34 Silent speech syst.: ASL

35 CBS series with multiple spin-offs: CSI

37 First Nations tribe: CREE

38 Doughnut __: HOLE

39 Common dumpster spot: ALLEYWAY

40 Ring sites: TOES

41 Entertain: HOST

44 Airport safety org.: TSA

45 Folks: PEOPLE

46 Peter or Jessica: RABBIT

47 Expels: EGESTS

48 Calculating: SLY

50 "Leave it to me": ICAN

51 '80s hip-hop pioneers: RUNDMC

53 Macaroni type: ELBOW

54 Brake parts: DISCS

58 Yin/yang principle: TAO

60 Loops in, briefly: CCS

61 Texter's chuckle: LOL

62 One in Mexico: UNO

63 Far less than 100%: ILL

64 AFL partner: CIO

65 Solo of "Star Wars": HAN

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