LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 17 April 2018

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Los Angeles Times 17 April 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 17 April 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Not at all good: EVIL

5 Piece-of-cake shape: WEDGE

10 Tick off: MIFF

14 Use a surgical beam: LASE

15 Toward the back: AREAR

16 "What I Am" singer Brickell: EDIE

17 Welcome wind on a hot day: MILDBREEZE

19 First-rate: AONE

20 Grab greedily: SNATCH

21 Brought back to mind: RECALLED

23 Migratory flying formations: VEES

25 Dance move: STEP

26 Carrots' partners: PEAS

29 Dangerous tide: RIP

31 Airing in the wee hours: ONLATE

35 Dr.'s orders: RXS

36 Successful cryptographer: CODEBREAKER

38 Diner: EATER

40 Cup handle: EAR

41 Not reactive, as gases: INERT

42 "Best thing since" invention metaphor: SLICEDBREAD

45 Untruth: LIE

46 Walked with purpose: STRODE

47 Typical John Grisham subject: LAW

48 Back talk: SASS

49 Nervous twitches: TICS

51 Retail center: MART

53 Cigarette stimulant: NICOTINE

57 Staggered: REELED

61 Neutral shade: ECRU

62 Pet without papers ... or what is literally found in the circled letters: MIXEDBREED

64 Drop of sorrow: TEAR

65 Oscar-winning "Skyfall" singer: ADELE

66 Family babysitter: NANA

67 Attaches a patch, say: SEWS

68 Massenet opera about a Spanish legend: LECID

69 Absolut rival: SKYY


1 O'Neill's "Desire Under the __": ELMS

2 Fruitless: VAIN

3 Cuba, por ejemplo: ISLA

4 Some HD sets: LEDTVS

5 Medal recipient: WARHERO

6 Poetic preposition before "now" or "long": ERE

7 Animal on XING signs: DEER

8 Long looks: GAZES

9 __ set: building toy: ERECTOR

10 College student's dining choice: MEALPLAN

11 Singing competition that returned in 2018, familiarly: IDOL

12 "Okay by me": FINE

13 Nourish: FEED

18 Letters in old dates: BCE

22 Virgil epic: AENEID

24 Flip of a 45 record: SIDEB

26 Defensive basketball tactic: PRESS

27 Praise highly: EXALT

28 Up and about: ASTIR

30 Oyster jewel: PEARL

32 Cub Scout leader: AKELA

33 Hatcher and Garr: TERIS

34 Some Deco prints: ERTES

36 College transcript unit: CREDIT

37 Silvery freshwater fish: BREAM

39 Nature excursions: ECOTOURS

43 Dot between dollars and cents: DECIMAL

44 Given, as a medal: AWARDED

48 Rudder locales: STERNS

50 Snarky: SNIDE

52 Yank's war foe: REB

53 Earns after taxes: NETS

54 Slushy drink brand: ICEE

55 Avian crop: CRAW

56 Boardroom VIP: EXEC

58 Security breach: LEAK

59 Counting rhyme word: EENY

60 June 6, 1944: DDAY

63 Collegian who roots for the Bulldogs: ELI

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