LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 17 April 2022

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Los Angeles Times 17 April 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 17 April 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Beat decisively: DRUB

5 Evoke an "Eww!," maybe: TASTEBAD

13 Venetian Renaissance painter: TITIAN

19 He played Klaatu in "The Day the Earth Stood Still" (2008): KEANU

20 Inferior accommodations: STEERAGE

21 Common cone color: ORANGE

22 All caps in an angry blog? INTERNETSCREAM

24 Glutinous: VISCID

25 Christmas in Rome: NATALE

26 Etna output: ASH

27 Nonsense: ROT

29 Artist friend of DalĂ­: SERT

30 They usually have frames: GLASSES

32 "Untoward behavior shall call for appropriate countermeasures," e.g.? FANCYTHREAT

36 Trig function: SINE

37 Word with tax or L.A.: DODGERS

41 __ martini: DRY

42 Put away: ATE

43 Fruity, so to speak: BANANAS

44 Absorbs, with "up": SOPS

46 Barfly: SOT

47 Wiseacre mom and dad? SMARTYPARENTS

53 Hider's hissed revelation: INHERE

55 Biblical spy: CALEB

56 Means: AVENUE

59 Skilled at painting, say: ARTISTIC

63 Type of dog that does origami? FOLDINGBREED

69 Perjurious testimony: LIES

70 81-Down friend: ROO

71 Astonish: AWE

72 23rd Greek letter: PSI

73 Capital NNW of Copenhagen: OSLO

74 Farsi editor's mark? PERSIANCARET

77 Submit a crossword, say: SENDITIN

79 Nytol competitor: UNISOM

80 "I'm not __ brag, but ... ": ONETO

81 Urban park snack snitcher: PIGEON

84 Finishing touch for foppish painters? PLACINGABERET

92 __ roll: ONA

93 Long-running CBS drama: NCIS

96 Nose-wrinkling: ODOROUS

97 Prov. bordering four Great Lakes: ONT

98 Formicidae family member: ANT

99 Mourns: LAMENTS

100 Meat serving: CHOP

104 1932 presidential election victory? HOOVERDREAM

108 Fixed function: SETROLE

110 Gator relative: CROC

111 White team: SOX

112 Shout: CRY

115 Heat units: THERMS

116 "Tear down this wall!" speaker: REAGAN

118 Hush-hush lamasery topic? BUDDHISTSECRET

122 Keep going: ENDURE

123 Higher than normal, maybe: ELEVATED

124 Cal State city: CHICO

125 Joust participants: STEEDS

126 Sticks in drinks: STIRRERS

127 Brings together: WEDS


1 U.S. peak officially renamed in 2015: DENALI

2 Palm used in furniture: RATTAN

3 Angst: UNEASE

4 Rounded, knotty tree growths: BURLS

5 Follower of Mao? TSE

6 "__ girl!": ATTA

7 Congressional mtg.: SESS

8 Worker with mice: TECH

9 Go left instead of right, say: ERR

10 One inspiring PDAs: BAE

11 "F Troop" corporal played by Larry Storch: AGARN

12 Musicians' garage creations, maybe: DEMOCDS

13 "Mazel __!": TOV

14 "Fighting" Indiana team: IRISH

15 It's shocking: TASER

16 Go up: INCREASE

17 Washer component: AGITATOR

18 "Spider-Man" reporter __ Leeds: NED

19 Board members who might become mated? KINGS

23 Supplies order phrase: NEEDBY

28 Beginner: TYRO

31 Ivory, for one: SOAP

32 Viking great Tarkenton: FRAN

33 No. 2: ASST

34 Entering, as data: TYPINGIN

35 Head of France: TETE

38 Significant archaeological find: DNA

39 Long-nosed fish: GAR

40 Boise-to-Fargo dir.: ENE

45 Brush off: SNUB

47 Make a killing on, in a way: SCALP

48 Skyler's sister on "Breaking Bad": MARIE

49 Redo: ALTER

50 Come out with a more current version of: REISSUE

51 "Chad" network: TBS

52 "A pity": SAD

54 Most any Disney princess: HEROINE

57 Ones often seen in restricted lounges: VIPS

58 Massachusetts motto starter: ENSE

60 Sleeper, for one: TRAINCAR

61 Electrolysis products: IONS

62 Pixar film set in Mexico: COCO

63 Distant: FAR

64 Need to pay: OWE

65 Permit: LET

66 Fragrant compound: ESTER

67 Top names: ELITE

68 Prohibition words: DONOT

75 Privy to: INON

76 Concert piece: AMP

78 Pt. of an age calculation: DOB

81 Storied bear: POOH

82 Unworldly: INNOCENT

83 PepsiCo sports beverage: GATORADE

85 1970 Kinks hit: LOLA

86 Driver of "BlacKkKlansman": ADAM

87 Dot follower? COM

88 Choler: IRE

89 Prefix with event or issue: NON

90 Nerve: GUTS

91 Valuable things: ASSETS

94 Swing voters: Abbr.: INDS

95 Lightning simulators: STROBES

100 Yuletide display: CRECHE

101 Really awful: HORRID

102 Early Mexicans: OLMECS

103 Basil-and-pine-nuts sauce: PESTO

105 Lauren Hutton has been on its cover 26 times: VOGUE

106 Modern greeting: ECARD

107 Rejoice: EXULT

109 "Superman & Lois" network: THECW

112 Burn a bit: CHAR

113 Solemn event: RITE

114 Belgian river: YSER

116 Hi-__ image: RES

117 Video game letters: NES

119 Agnus __: DEI

120 Binge-watcher's device: DVR

121 Ideal NFL drive endings: TDS

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