LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 17 August 2017

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Los Angeles Times 17 August 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 17 August 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Bowl over: STUN

5 Hardly prudent: RASH

9 Chophouse order: FILET

14 Young Clark's love: LANA

15 90 degrees from norte: ESTE

16 Century plant, e.g.: AGAVE

17 Hindustani tongue: URDU

18 Boardwalk extension: PIER

19 Trick: COZEN

20 Computer accessory honored in verse? MOUSEOFPOETRY

23 Construction alloy: STEEL

24 RSVP part: SIL

25 Bud: BRO

28 Olympic dominance by Team USA? AMERICASCOUP

33 Virgin __ Records: British label: EMI

36 Male delivery: SON

37 Canadian coin since 1996: TOONIE

38 Landslide victory claim: MANDATE

41 Stretch out: DISTEND

42 Recorded: ONTAPE

43 Mine in Milan: MIO

44 Conscription agcy.: SSS

45 How some medieval knights described their relationships? JOUSTFRIENDS

49 "__ Fell": Beatles: IFI

50 Chicago's __ Center: AON

51 Post-lecture activity, briefly: QANDA

55 Grammarian's treatise? THENOUNSSTORY

60 Strange: ALIEN

62 Watch part: STEM

63 Potpourri quality: ODOR

64 Did a gainer, say: DIVED

65 Yokohama product: TIRE

66 Eric who founded an eclectic reader: UTNE

67 Autobahn autos: OPELS

68 Strongbox alternative: SAFE

69 The ten in "hang ten": TOES


1 Frequents dive bars, say: SLUMS

2 Deck with a Hanged Man: TAROT

3 Inordinate: UNDUE

4 Queasiness: NAUSEA

5 Certain auction offering: REPO

6 "Fat chance!": ASIF

7 Intervenes: STEPSIN

8 Stout-hearted: HEROIC

9 It's not debatable: FACT

10 "Young Frankenstein" helper: IGOR

11 Slugabed: LAZYBONES

12 Christmas lead-in: EVE

13 Coffee break time: TEN

21 "Slippery" tree: ELM


26 Place for digs: RUINS

27 Essays appearing daily: OPEDS

29 "Get on Your Feet" singer: ESTEFAN

30 Anonymous '70s litigant: ROE

31 Song on the album "ABBA": SOS

32 Bed at a base: COT

33 The Oxford Dictionaries 2015 "Word" of the Year is one: EMOJI

34 "__ Constant Sorrow": folk classic: MANOF

35 Easy to figure out: INTUITIVE

39 Wagner's "__ Rheingold": DAS

40 Fitting: APT

41 Gambling cube: DIE

43 Trivial matter: MINUTIA

46 Perches: ROOSTS

47 Kicks off the field, briefly: DQS

48 Skipped: SATOUT

52 Greet quietly: NODTO

53 Airborne intruder: DRONE

54 Lew in old movies: AYRES

56 Dog trainer's word: HEEL

57 Good things to make meet: ENDS

58 Soft ball: NERF

59 "Hook" pirate: SMEE

60 Commotion: ADO

61 Impertinence: LIP

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