LA Times Crossword answers Friday 17 August 2018

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Los Angeles Times 17 August 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 17 August 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Amendment dealing with states' rights: TENTH

6 Hobby shop buy: KIT

9 Longtime Wall Street name: SACHS

14 Spanish month: ENERO

15 Draft pick: IPA

16 Outfielder Mike who finished first (twice) or second (three times) in 2012-2016 A.L. MVP voting: TROUT

17 Alien reptile in "Avatar"? NAVIGATOR

19 Snake, e.g.: RIVER

20 Racks up: AMASSES

21 Corpulent: OBESE

23 Connecting point: NODE

24 "Bad Moon Rising" band, initially: CCR

26 First of a series: OPENER

29 Small amount: TRACE

31 Worked the soil: HOED

33 Shopper stopper? SALE

34 TV schedule abbr.: TBA

36 Buttonhole, say: SLIT

38 Affirmative action: NOD

39 Bit of horseplay: GAG

42 Pest that's gotten into the cheese? BRIEFLY

44 Castilian kin: TIO

45 GP gp.: AMA

46 Mex. miss: SRTA

47 Jr. and sr.: YRS

49 Brass component: ZINC

51 Bit of swearing: OATH

53 Slate et al., for short: EMAGS

57 Merchant ship flotilla: ARGOSY

59 Ring bearer: EAR

61 Baker: OVEN

62 Sprite flavor: LEMON

64 Stage bit: ROUTINE

66 North African site of a 1943 conference: CAIRO

68 Long-eared mascot of an L.A. newspaper? TIMESHARE

70 Stun: SHOCK

71 "We've exceeded seating capacity" sign: SRO

72 Gauge: METER

73 Chief Justice after Marshall: TANEY

74 It's big in London: BEN

75 Salad green: CRESS


1 Letter? TENANT

2 Captivate: ENAMOR

3 Area 51 locale: NEVADA

4 Cut into three equal parts: TRISECT

5 Keeps to oneself: HOGS

6 Lawn gnomes, e.g.: KITSCH

7 Snapchat had one in Mar. 2017: IPO

8 Poi source: TARO

9 Antibiotic target: STREP

10 Crops up: ARISES

11 Tiny insect that casts spells? COVENANT

12 Peach, e.g.: HUE

13 Orch. section: STR

18 Old nuclear agcy.: AEC

22 __ harm: BODILY

25 Promising: ROSEATE

27 Wells race: ELOI

28 Make over: REDO

30 Drops off: EBBS

32 Brownie, in folklore: ELF

35 Dry gulch: ARROYO

37 Rubber in a boot? TYRE

39 __ Strip: GAZA

40 "The Kite Runner" boy: AMIR

41 One of a group of feline predators? GANGLION

43 "Give __ rest!": ITA

48 Overwhelm: SMOTHER

50 Strong-arm: COERCE

52 Mark of "NCIS": HARMON

54 Do the Wright thing? AVIATE

55 Types: GENRES

56 Nasty smiles: SNEERS

58 Idaho's __ Mountains: SMOKY

60 Fluke-to-be: ROE

63 Black-box analyzers: Abbr.: NTSB

65 Camp Pendleton letters: USMC

66 K.C. hours: CST

67 "Caught you!": AHA

69 Rage: IRE

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