LA Times Crossword answers Monday 17 December 2018

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Los Angeles Times 17 December 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 17 December 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Hindu royals: RAJAS

6 Tool with jaws: VISE

10 Mixer with Scotch: SODA

14 Lightweight vacuum first sold to hotels: ORECK

15 Pianist Gilels: EMIL

16 Eve's second son: ABEL

17 Peppy-sounding cracker brand: ZESTA

18 El __: ocean current: NINO

19 Completely occupy, as an arena: FILL

20 Well-to-do: SITTINGPRETTY

23 Above, to poets: OER

24 Drinks with crumpets: TEAS

25 Instruction to a bank to make periodic payments: STANDINGORDER

31 Loving squeezes: HUGS

32 Beer whose logo suggests a prize winner, initially: PBR

33 Chopping down: AXING

36 Ocean east of N.C.: ATL

37 Central Illinois city: DECATUR

40 Funny Tina: FEY

41 Rep's sales target: QUOTA

43 + or - particle: ION

44 Criticize sternly: SLAM


49 Picnicker's worry: RAIN

50 Spanish "that": ESA

51 Ship's required nighttime illuminators: RUNNINGLIGHTS

57 __ B'rith: BNAI

58 "Paula's Home Cooking" host: DEEN

59 Extremist sects: CULTS

62 Puts frosting on: ICES

63 Tall and skinny: LANK

64 Audibly: ALOUD

65 Pageant body band: SASH

66 Greek Cupid: EROS

67 Body areas that may be irritated by shirt tags: NAPES


1 "Frasier" role: ROZ

2 "All bets __ off": ARE

3 Zooey's "New Girl" role: JESS

4 They "speak louder than words": ACTIONS

5 Did figure eights, say: SKATED

6 Start of Caesar's boast: VENI

7 "Sign me up!": IMIN

8 Woo with a tune: SINGTO

9 One who gets hitched in a hurry: ELOPER

10 Sensitive high school health lesson: SAFESEX

11 Last bio: OBIT

12 Shoulder muscle, briefly: DELT

13 Partner in war: ALLY

21 Poppycock: TRIPE

22 Storm-tracking device: RADAR

25 Former NBA big man, familiarly: SHAQ

26 Ballet skirt: TUTU

27 Beaming: AGLOW

28 "SNL" network: NBC

29 Not enough salt to taste, perhaps: GRAIN

30 Hunter's weapon: RIFLE

34 Within shouting distance: NEAR

35 Places with elliptical trainers: GYMS

37 __ Lama: DALAI

38 Get dolled (up): TOG

39 Remove a fastener from: UNPEG

42 Become discolored, as silverware: TARNISH

44 Diner flipper: SPATULA

46 Amazon e-reader: KINDLE

47 Out of neutral: INGEAR

48 Trash holder: ASHCAN

51 Sluggers' stats: RBIS

52 Donald Duck, to his nephews: UNCA

53 Glasgow denials: NAES

54 Jay with a TV "Garage": LENO

55 Tattoo artist's supplies: INKS

56 Sty fare: SLOP

60 Election Day day: Abbr.: TUE

61 Militant '60s campus org.: SDS

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