LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 17 December 2020

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Los Angeles Times 17 December 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 17 December 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 "Vice" (2018) Oscar nominee Amy: ADAMS

6 Pairing: UNION

11 __ water: TAP

14 Jazz pianist Chick: COREA

15 Fit provider: HONDA

16 Gulf st.: ALA

17 Equivalent Stanley award? EIGHTOUNCES

19 Storage unit: BIN

20 __-Caps: candy: SNO

21 Memo opener: INRE

22 Went up: SCALED

24 Produce: CREATE

26 Venue that may sell naming rights: ARENA

27 Forward, in a way: REMAIL

30 Take different paths: PART

32 Cake decorators: ICERS

33 "The Ra Expeditions" author Heyerdahl: THOR

35 MSN and AOL: ISPS

39 Equivalent Scotland locale? THIRTYSIXINCHES

42 Japanese sandal: ZORI

43 Not taxing: EASY

44 Cuban boy in 2000 headlines: ELIAN

45 Thickener in Asian desserts: AGAR

47 They may be special or secret: AGENTS

48 Passionate dance: TANGO

51 Bouts: SPELLS

54 Off-topic: AFIELD

56 Ohio border lake: ERIE

57 Anonymous party: DOE

60 __ service: LIP

61 Equivalent type of horse? FIVENICKELS

64 Mound stat: ERA

65 Long-stemmed mushrooms: ENOKI

66 Some South Pacific carvings: TIKIS

67 Court unit of at least six games: SET

68 Search for water: DOWSE

69 "Mad Men" pool member: STENO


1 Blackjack cards: ACES

2 "Whatcha __?": DOIN

3 Cornstarch brand: ARGO

4 Indifferent reaction: MEH

5 Stephen Colbert, for one: SATIRIST

6 Enterprise officer: UHURA

7 Large chamber group: NONET

8 Fortune competitor: INC

9 2016 work by Pulitzer poet Sharon Olds: ODES

10 Org. with a long track record? NASCAR

11 Put on ice: TABLE

12 Strange: ALIEN

13 World Wildlife Fund logo animal: PANDA

18 New law student: ONEL

23 Things, or written things: ARTICLES

24 Baby transport: CARRIAGE

25 Bond creator? EPOXY

27 Big name in hotels and crackers: RITZ

28 Lingering effect: ECHO

29 Golda of Israel: MEIR

31 MSNBC analyst Melber: ARI

33 Romanov royals: TSARS

34 Casual hellos: HIS

36 __ guard: SHIN

37 Fuel from a bog: PEAT

38 Taxpayer IDs: SSNS

40 Pro vote: YEA

41 Pays no attention to: NEGLECTS

46 Hit the links: GOLFED

47 Others, to Ovid: ALII

48 Grimm accounts: TALES

49 Pumped up: AFIRE

50 Go after, puppy-style: NIPAT

52 Sneaks a look: PEEKS

53 Orange half of a "Sesame Street" duo: ERNIE

55 Purple pet in old cartoons: DINO

57 Fake in the rink: DEKE

58 Lena of "The Reader": OLIN

59 Exxon, formerly: ESSO

62 Sacred promise: VOW

63 Assembly-required boxful: KIT

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