LA Times Crossword answers Friday 17 December 2021

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Los Angeles Times 17 December 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 17 December 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Follower of Jefferson: MADISON

8 Turn on: START

13 Polluter's crime: ECOCIDE

14 Mountaintop home: AERIE

15 Outfits for a climber? HIGHGEAR

17 Refuse: TRASH

18 His-and-her outfits? BINARYNUMBERS

21 The first "A" in A.A. Milne: ALAN

23 Fictional 1847 autobiographer: EYRE

24 __ Paulo: SAO

25 Typographical ornament: DINGBAT

29 Evasive tactics: ENDRUNS

31 Spot: SEE

32 Infuriates: IRES

34 Polynesian capital: APIA

35 Outfits for tourist town natives? LOCALRAGS

39 Jessica of "Dark Angel": ALBA

42 Long-gone time: YORE

43 Tiger, e.g.: CAT

46 Belafonte #1 album on which "Day-O" was the first track: CALYPSO

50 Turns on: BETRAYS

52 Corp. alias letters: DBA

53 Subway fare? HERO

55 Sword with a three-sided blade: EPEE

56 Outfits for the masses? COMMONTHREADS

61 They hold your horses: REINS

62 Outfits for dairy farmers? MILKDUDS

65 Deejay, at times: EMCEE

66 Swung wildly: FLAILED

67 Transfers, as a house: DEEDS

68 Secures: FASTENS


1 Not so hot: MEH

2 Handel's "__, Galatea e Polifemo": ACI

3 Poisonous plant reputed to repel canines: DOGBANE

4 Chinese book of divination: ICHING

5 Register, with "up": SIGN

6 Music halls of old: ODEA

7 Close: NEAR

8 Ring bearer? SATURN

9 Called: TERMED

10 Many an Omani: ARAB

11 Revolts: RISESUP

12 Like many "Argo" militants: TEHRANI

16 White alternative: RYE

19 Emmy-winning scientist: NYE

20 '90s-'00s Cubs star: SOSA

21 GEICO highlights: ADS

22 Tell tales, maybe: LIE

26 Book jacket text, often: BIO

27 Semicircle, say: ARC

28 Leaves for a spot: TEA

30 Student housing VIPs: RAS

33 Wily: SLY

35 Set down: LAY

36 Take badly? ROB

37 "__ you done?": ARE

38 Perceive: GET

39 Like some appliances: ACDC

40 Worked: LABORED

41 Words of confession: BLAMEME

43 Tablet alternative: CAPSULE

44 Supportive response: AYE

45 "The Waste Land" monogram: TSE

47 Called: PHONED

48 It's sometimes necessary to come to them: SENSES

49 Food bit: ORT

51 Website with "Ask Me Anything" interviews: REDDIT

54 Unit of resistance: OHM

57 Laptop navigation aids: MICE

58 Jazz phrase: RIFF

59 "Enchanted" movie girl: ELLA

60 Aliases: AKAS

63 Thieves' place: DEN

64 Radical '60s org.: SDS

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