LA Times Crossword answers Monday 17 February 2020

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Los Angeles Times 17 February 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 17 February 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Weed whackers: HOES

5 Annoy: MIFF

9 Macbeth, by birth: SCOT

13 Saintly glows: AURAS

15 Impressionist: APER

16 Lola's nightclub, in song: COPA

17 Like an old joke: STALE

18 Wind that's worth a warning: GALE

19 Idi of Uganda: AMIN

20 Deer hunter's dinner, perhaps: VENISONSTEAK

23 Holy Ohio city? TOLEDO

26 Bridal bio word: NEE

27 Sault __ Marie: STE

28 "I think," to a texter: IMO

29 Childlike race in "The Time Machine": ELOI

32 Learn thoroughly: MASTER

34 Cutting in half, in math class: DIVIDINGBYTWO

37 Seine summers: ETES

38 Lincoln or Ford: CAR

39 Love, in Spain: AMOR


47 Fidel who overthrew Batista: CASTRO

49 Aussie birds that don't fly: EMUS

50 San Francisco's __ Valley: NOE

51 Diplomatic VIP: AMB

52 NBA tiebreakers: OTS

54 Sports team swaps: TRADES

56 Attributed speaker of the circled words: JULIUSCAESAR

60 Medical suffix: OSIS

61 Sentry's "Stop!": HALT

62 Swiss peak in an Eastwood film title: EIGER

66 Eye part: LENS

67 Oil cartel letters: OPEC

68 Iced tea wedge: LEMON

69 Icelandic poetic work: EDDA

70 PC repair person: TECH

71 Avec's opposite: SANS


1 Suffers from: HAS

2 One of an inning's three: OUT

3 Pitcher's stat: ERA

4 Soothing cream: SALVE

5 Carol kings: MAGI

6 Hoppy brews, for short: IPAS

7 Serious criminal: FELON

8 Portmanteau for a false ally: FRENEMY

9 "Beat it, feline!": SCAT

10 Is remembered: COMESTOMIND

11 Addictive narcotic: OPIATE

12 Oil cartel ship: TANKER

14 Started the grass-growing process: SEEDED

21 __ me tangere: "Don't touch me": NOLI

22 Place to park it: SEAT

23 Ocean motion: TIDE

24 Skip over: OMIT

25 Age-old romantic adage: LOVEISBLIND

30 A single time: ONCE

31 "__ it my best": IGAVE

33 Graceful pond swimmer: SWAN

35 "That __ fair!": ISNT

36 Fedora feature: BRIM

40 Great Plains tribe: OTOE

41 Deli breads: RYES

43 Pants, briefly: TROU

44 Someone who's good, and obviously knows it: HOTSHOT

45 Skips, as class: CUTS

46 Tel Aviv's land: ISRAEL

47 Sweet-talk: CAJOLE

48 Got a smile out of: AMUSED

53 Suffix with land or sea: SCAPE

55 Spring zodiac sign: ARIES

57 "Insecure" Emmy nominee __ Rae: ISSA

58 Knighted actor Guinness: ALEC

59 Draw with acid: ETCH

63 ABC show for early risers, briefly: GMA

64 Long, long time: EON

65 ICU workers: RNS

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