LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 17 February 2021

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Los Angeles Times 17 February 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 17 February 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 "__ All That": 1999 movie: SHES

5 Diver's gear: FINS

9 "Fancy seeing you here!": OHHEY

14 Hoof it on a bad knee, say: LIMP

15 Ecstatic internet shout: WOOT

16 Driver's choice: ROUTE

17 Oberlin's state: OHIO

18 "We tried, but this won't work": ITSUSELESS

20 Give up on: WALKAWAYFROM

22 Superman's makeup? STEEL

23 Fashion plate: FOP

24 Kerfuffle: ADO

27 Construction girder: IBAR

31 Dubuque denizen: IOWAN

33 Serve as a reminder: JOGONESMEMORY

37 Mic __: triumphant move: DROP

39 Finnish company that created Angry Birds: ROVIO

40 James Patterson hero __ Cross: ALEX

41 Do an accountant's job: RUNTHENUMBERS

44 Cheapen: ABASE

45 Subtle summons: PSST

46 Run-of-the-mill: MEH

47 Nonsense: ROT

50 Yellowfins, e.g.: TUNAS

55 Write briefly and quickly: DASHOFFANOTE

59 Cause of a crash: FATALERROR

62 Family __: TREE

63 Cup or star: AWARD

64 Emerald City princess: OZMA

65 "Haven't decided yet": IMAY

66 Uses WhatsApp, say: TEXTS

67 Eject: BOOT

68 Tibetan title: LAMA


1 Slackens the pace: SLOWS

2 Drum kit item with a pedal: HIHAT

3 "Into the Wild" star Hirsch: EMILE

4 Took the mic: SPOKE

5 "Just saying," in 66-Across: FWIW

6 Kappa preceder: IOTA

7 Meddlesome: NOSY

8 Nonsense companion? STUFF

9 Black-and-white dessert: OREOPIE

10 Ian who plays Bilbo Baggins: HOLM

11 It might be adjusted in Photoshop: HUE

12 Kang and Kodos, on "The Simpsons": ETS

13 "Affirmative": YES

19 Sellout letters: SRO

21 Sacha Baron Cohen alter ego: ALIG

24 Mil. truants: AWOLS

25 "You wouldn't __!": DARE

26 Black gemstone used to make beads: ONYX

28 Snooze inducer: BORE

29 Auth. unknown: ANON

30 Gun: REVUP

32 Actor Epps: OMAR

33 Fish story notable: JONAH

34 Backs (out): OPTS

35 Popular video game series, with "The": SIMS

36 Unruly groups: MOBS

37 Scot's Scotch order: DRAM

38 Yahoo: RUBE

42 Foreshadows: HERALDS

43 R&B great James: ETTA

48 Ending with malt: OSE

49 Ache: THROB

51 "__ we meet again": UNTIL

52 Fashionista Kamali: NORMA

53 Likely roster for the big game: ATEAM

54 "I'm outta here": SEEYA

55 Bar flier: DART

56 Rice-shaped pasta used in salads: ORZO

57 Acronymic anxiety about being excluded from the fun: FOMO

58 Group with pledges: FRAT

59 The 1% in 1% milk: FAT

60 Flabbergast: AWE

61 Sales __: TAX

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