LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 17 February 2022

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Los Angeles Times 17 February 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 17 February 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Oktoberfest toast: PROST

6 "Atlas Shrugged" hero John: GALT

10 Split: PART

14 Object: DEMUR

15 Store with Småland play areas: IKEA

16 Wind in the reeds: OBOE

17 Patty Hearst alias: TANIA

18 Whammy: JINX

19 Self-named 2000s sitcom set in Texas: REBA

20 Excel on the mound: PITCHANOHITTER

23 Blow away: STUN

24 Steam: IRE

25 Increase the mobility of, as a checker: PROMOTETOKING

31 Reclusive sort: LONER

32 Pin expert? WRESTLER

35 Cheerio morsel: OAT

36 Court responses: PLEAS

38 "Bravo!": OLE

39 Not as well insulated: DRAFTIER

42 Weasel cousin: SABLE

44 Do a plumbing job: PLUGUPTHELEAK

47 Boxer's remark? ARF

48 Dull-sounding beast: BOAR

49 Recommend, with "for," and a hint to the start of 20-, 25- and 44-Across: PUTINAGOODWORD

56 Malevolent: EVIL

57 Equine control: REIN

58 "The Grapes of Wrath" migrants: OKIES

60 Fool on the ice: DEKE

61 Canasta play: MELD

62 Surge protector? LEVEE

63 Verb in much written dialogue: SAID

64 "The __ the limit": SKYS

65 Bowling unit: FRAME


1 L.A. is on it in summer: PDT

2 Do a farm job: REAP

3 High-end hotel chain: OMNI

4 "I'm okay with it": SUITSME

5 Caterpillar, say: TRACTOR

6 Demi Moore military movie: GIJANE

7 Related: AKIN

8 TV host with more than 300 vehicles: LENO

9 Unpopular raises: TAXHIKES

10 Sign: PORTENT

11 What an accessory may do: ABET

12 Judicial garb: ROBE

13 Go like the dickens: TEAR

21 Castaway's shelter: HUT

22 Eye part: IRIS

25 Walk tediously: PLOD

26 Sign of crowd approval: ROAR

27 Ready to draw: ONTAP

28 Nobody: TWERP

29 __ pro nobis: ORA

30 Golden __: GLOBE

33 "Boo'd Up" Grammy winner __ Mai: ELLA

34 Strongly suggest, with "of": REEK

36 Animal husbandry facilities: PIGFARMS

37 Moldova currency: LEU

40 Thrashed (about): FLAILED

41 __ loose: free: TURN

42 Navy nuclear sub class: SEAWOLF

43 "Today" weatherman: ALROKER

45 Some gov't issues: TBONDS

46 Mason's carrier: HOD

49 Crosswalk users, briefly: PEDS

50 Iris layer: UVEA

51 __ bar: Polynesian-themed spot: TIKI

52 Many a techie: GEEK

53 Like many a mechanic's rag: OILY

54 1972 Derby winner __ Ridge: RIVA

55 Think: DEEM

59 Call in poker: SEE

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