LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 17 January 2017

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Los Angeles Times 17 January 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 17 January 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Baja vacation spot: CABO

5 Tree's sticky output: SAP

8 Neck mark from necking: HICKEY

14 Razor name: ATRA

15 Suffix with pay: OLA

16 Taking the place (of): INLIEU

17 Silly sort: GOOFBALL

19 Polish port where Solidarity was founded: GDANSK

20 Music producer Brian: ENO

21 Dueling sword: EPEE

22 "Hannah and __ Sisters": Woody Allen film: HER

23 Formal pronouncements: DICTA


30 Pay with plastic: CHARGE

32 __ of: done with: RID

33 Not at home: OUT

34 The Judds, e.g.: DUO

35 Migration formation: VEE

36 Move in the wind: SWAY

37 Anniversary celebration at the Met, say: GALAPERFORMANCE

42 Numbered musical piece: OPUS

43 Grunting female: SOW

44 Slowing, on a music score: Abbr.: RIT

45 Little point to pick: NIT

46 Sick __ dog: ASA

47 Spitball need: SALIVA

50 Disputed Mideast territory: GAZASTRIP

53 R&B singer Baker: ANITA

55 "That's all __ wrote": SHE

56 Fermented honey drink: MEAD

58 The USA's 50: STS

59 Nissan model: SENTRA

62 Infantile vocalizations, and a hint to the starts of 17-, 25-, 37- and 50-Across: BABYTALK

64 Series of related emails: THREAD

65 Luau instrument: UKE

66 Curved molding: OGEE

67 Fort Bragg mil. branch: USARMY

68 Boston hrs.: EST

69 Dandelion, e.g.: WEED


1 Confined, as a bird: CAGED

2 Not accented, as syllables: ATONIC

3 Ornamental pin: BROOCH

4 Doofus: OAF

5 Ivory in the tub: SOAP

6 State without proof: ALLEGE

7 Prefix with -lithic: PALEO

8 Bogart film set in a California range: HIGHSIERRA

9 Truly: INDEED

10 Irish county bordering Limerick: CLARE

11 Next of __: KIN

12 Wide shoe widths: EES

13 Guffaw: YUK

18 Face adversity well: BEARUP

24 Cries of triumph: TADAS

26 Layered cookie: OREO

27 Bridal attire: GOWN

28 Avocado dip, for short: GUAC

29 Eyelid sore: STYE

31 Dates one person exclusively: GOESSTEADY

35 Ex-GIs' gp.: VFW

36 Lustrous fabric: SATIN

37 Bell hit with a padded mallet: GONG

38 Samoan capital: APIA

39 Skating leap: LUTZ

40 Have a good laugh: ROAR

41 Address for a noblewoman: MILADY

46 Traditional Hindu retreat: ASHRAM

47 Delivers a lecture: SPEAKS

48 Facial expression: VISAGE

49 Postwar British prime minister: ATTLEE

51 Autumn blossom: ASTER

52 Suffuse (with): IMBUE

54 Queried: ASKED

57 Help with a heist: ABET

59 Actor Erwin: STU

60 "Come again?" sounds: EHS

61 FDR agency: NRA

63 Illegal parker's risk: TOW

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