LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 17 January 2019

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Los Angeles Times 17 January 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 17 January 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Fear of spiders, usually: PHOBIA

7 Google Earth predecessors: ATLASES

14 Aesthetic feature? SILENTA

16 Hillary supporters: SHERPAS

17 Lumberjack's favorite pirate phrase? SHIVERMETIMBERS

19 Theater award: TONY

20 Actor Holm: IAN

21 Slender Olive: OYL

22 Lumberjack's main interest in naval records? CAPTAINSLOG

27 Eero Saarinen's father: ELIEL

30 Many Sinatra recordings: LPS

31 Pipe shape: ELL

32 Quick cuts: TRIMS

33 Gig gear: AMPS

35 "__ pinch of ... ": recipe words: ADDA

36 Lumberjack's way to punch an opponent? RIGHTINTHECHOPS

39 Reverberate: ECHO

40 Baltic capital: RIGA

41 Store __: HOURS

42 Small matter: NIT

43 Toon crime-fighter __ Possible: KIM

44 Check phrase: PAYTO

45 Lumberjack's preferred ABC News reporter? DIANESAWYER

49 Civil War soldier: REB

50 __ of the woods: mushroom type: HEN

51 Athlete who wrote a history of African-American athletes: ASHE

55 Lumberjack's reaction to an overly hard crossword? IMREALLYSTUMPED

60 Track foundation: ROADBED

61 French's product: MUSTARD

62 Bottomless pits: ABYSSES

63 Ignore: PASSBY


1 Sideways whisper: PSST

2 Crackers once sold in a red box: HIHO

3 Actress Lena: OLIN

4 Quail group: BEVY

5 Having four sharps: INE

6 Pertaining to a heart chamber: ATRIAL

7 PEI setting: AST

8 Meteorologist's scale: Abbr.: THI

9 Veal piccata chef's needs: LEMONS

10 Contrary to popular belief, its name is not derived from its trademark sandwich: ARBYS

11 Described in detail: SPELLEDOUT

12 "For all in vain comes counsel to his __": Shak.: EAR

13 Old draft org.: SSS

15 Jane Hamilton's "__ of the World": AMAP

18 Med. specialist: ENT

22 "__ la vie!": CEST

23 A, as in Athens: ALPHA

24 __ dixit: unproven claim: IPSE

25 One who knows the ropes: OLDPRO

26 Tumbler, e.g.: GLASS

27 13th-century Norwegian king: ERICII

28 Sensor that detects objects using closely spaced beams: LIGHTARRAY

29 Texter's modest intro: IMHO

32 How things are going: TREND

33 Jungian concept: ANIMA

34 Corp. get-together: MTG

35 Mate's greeting: AHOY

37 Bearded flower: IRIS

38 Burn a bit: CHAR

43 Food on sticks: KEBABS

44 Repressed: PENTUP

46 Cries out for: NEEDS

47 "Please explain": WHY

48 Cowpoke's polite assent: YESM

51 Tsp. and oz.: AMTS

52 Places to unwind: SPAS

53 Cilantro, e.g.: HERB

54 Watery swirl: EDDY

55 Nest egg acronym: IRA

56 __ rule: MOB

57 Novelist Harper: LEE

58 Mormon initials: LDS

59 Mex. neighbor: USA

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