LA Times Crossword answers Friday 17 January 2020

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Los Angeles Times 17 January 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 17 January 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 "__ Is Betta Than Evvah!": 1976 R&B album: ETTA

5 "Disgusting!": UGH

8 "The Real Housewives" series airer: BRAVO

13 Sprat's choice: LEAN

14 Slice of pizza? ZEE

15 Consuming: EATING

17 What dogs do to set a tempo? BARKTIME

19 One making amends: ATONER

20 __ dog: ALPHA

21 Uproars: DINS

23 Miler Sebastian: COE

24 Bartender's lager-serving skill? BUDSLINGING

28 "Just __": BECAUSE

32 Creepy glance: LEER

33 Word said with a sigh: ALAS

34 School subj.: SCI

36 Self-service bar offering: SALAD

40 Convenience for a fish traveling around the city? BASSTRANSITPASS

44 Join: ENTER

45 Excavation: DIG

46 Green subj.: ECOL

47 Barflies: SOTS

50 Works free: LOOSENS

52 Annoyed answer to "How's your jobless roommate working out?"? BUMSTHEWORD

56 Beer choice: IPA

57 Prefix with byte: TERA

58 Name on Re-Nutriv cosmetics: ESTEE

63 Sport played on a variety of surfaces: TENNIS

65 Malady that accounts for four Across puzzle answers: HEADCOLD

68 V-8, for example: ENGINE

69 1979 Hockey Hall of Fame inductee: ORR

70 Brest bestie: AMIE

71 Mild oaths: DANGS

72 Feed bit: OAT

73 Coffee __: BEAN


1 Italy's Isola d'__: ELBA

2 Blue-green shade: TEAL

3 Cover during a delay: TARP

4 Pharaoh's symbol: ANKH

5 Gun designer __ Gal: UZI

6 Beloved person: GEM

7 Follows: HEEDS

8 Babies leader? BEANIE

9 Total mess: RATSNEST

10 Words on the first of a set, perhaps: ATO

11 Leonardo's birthplace: VINCI

12 Situation after a leadoff double: ONEON

16 One of the Bradys: GREG

18 House of Dana fragrance: TABU

22 Down (with): ILL

25 Old map abbr.: USSR

26 Octa- plus two: DECA

27 Sour __: GRAPES

28 1995 Oscar-nominated animatronics film: BABE

29 Pizazz: ELAN

30 Credits heading: CAST

31 Rate: ASSESS

35 Like Brahms' Symphony No. 2: IND

37 Tie (up): LACE

38 "... __ is given": Isaiah: ASON

39 PC connections: DSLS

41 Palomino pace: TROTTING

42 Missile site: SILO

43 Hunchbacked assistant: IGOR

48 Dissertations: THESES

49 Preacher's msg.: SER

51 Binged (on): ODED

52 Quick meal: BITE

53 Capsize: UPEND

54 Japanese comics: MANGA

55 Large mackerel: WAHOO

59 Union member's nemesis: SCAB

60 Great work: TOME

61 Academy award-winning director Kazan: ELIA

62 Fall site: EDEN

64 Diarist Ana•s: NIN

66 History book chapter: ERA

67 Fine print, say: ART

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