LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 17 January 2021

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Los Angeles Times 17 January 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 17 January 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Splendid display: POMP

5 Unable to decide: TORN

9 Stare in wonder: GAWK

13 Leaf through: SKIM

17 Superlative prefix: UBER

18 Quick attack: FORAY

19 Causing the willies: EERIE

20 Malek of "Mr. Robot": RAMI

21 *Discount ticket based on age: SENIORPASS

23 *Raffle rewards, perhaps: DOORPRIZES

25 Sonata producer: HYUNDAI

26 Downed with an ax: HEWN

28 Ration (out): METE

29 Grain in granola: OAT

30 Piece of cake: CINCH

32 Acknowledge surreptitiously, maybe: NODAT

34 Pretender: PHONY

36 Checking account lure: NOFEE

39 Mo. with dog days: AUG

41 Winter's day outburst: BRR

42 Most capable: ABLEST

44 One who gives a hoot: OWL

45 *Avocado misnomer: ALLIGATORPEAR

48 Investigate again, as a cold case: REOPEN

51 Itinerary abbr.: ARR

52 "Gimme a minute": ONESEC

53 Part of a journey: LEG

56 Gets by: DOESOK

58 Downright or outright: DARNED

60 Beer with a black eagle in its logo: TECATE

62 Waze option: Abbr.: RTE

63 Playground response: ARESO

65 Mexican buffet feature: SALSABAR

67 Trio for A-Rod and Trout: MVPS

69 *Cause of some back pain: POORPOSTURE

72 Garden rodent: VOLE

73 Lea Salonga, e.g.: FILIPINA

75 Publisher Larry __, portrayal for which Woody Harrelson received an Oscar nomination: FLYNT

76 IOC country code three before Qatar: POR

77 Virtual alter ego: AVATAR

78 Finds: DIGSUP

81 Everest expert: SHERPA

84 __ Diego Padres: SAN

85 "The Irishman" Oscar nominee: PACINO

87 Encountered: MET

89 Many Oscar nominees: ACTORS

91 *Pre-wedding bash: BACHELORPARTY

94 Olive extract: OIL

95 "See ya!": BYEBYE

97 Brouhaha: ADO

98 Sweetie, in slang: BAE

99 Twitch stream annoyance: DELAY

101 Civil War general: MEADE

102 Cried in the cornfield: CAWED

104 Aficionado: MAVEN

106 Squid's squirt: INK

107 Inquires: ASKS

109 Exec's aide: ASST

112 Having significant consequences: SERIOUS

116 *It's not 112-Across: MINORPOINT

119 Leaving the amateur ranks, and a hint to the answers to starred clues: TURNINGPRO

121 B-school subject: ECON

122 Autobahn autos: AUDIS

123 Layered veggie: ONION

124 __ Millions: MEGA

125 Puts in stitches: SEWS

126 Part of a process: STEP

127 Golf great Karrie: WEBB

128 Asian laptop brand: ACER


1 Promotional campaign: PUSH

2 Follow: OBEY

3 Channel guide, say: MENU

4 Hamlet, for one: PRINCE

5 Like salves: TOPICAL

6 "For You" co-singer Rita: ORA

7 Impulsive: RASH

8 Wall St.'s "Big Board": NYSE

9 Nat __ Wild: cable channel: GEO

10 Pizzeria allure: AROMA

11 Bugs in cop shows: WIRETAPS

12 Held on to: KEPT

13 Hindu honorific: SRI

14 Easy-to-play instruments: KAZOOS

15 "To clarify ... ": IMEANT

16 Not quite foggy: MISTY

18 Hall of Fame quarterback Tarkenton: FRAN

19 Sitcom sewer worker: EDNORTON

22 Garfield's frenemy: ODIE

24 Supersedes: REPLACES

27 Dallas Wings' org.: WNBA

31 Grass-skirt dance: HULA

33 Monotonous sound: DRONE

35 Yachter's pronoun: HER

36 Neighbor of Den.: NOR

37 Had to pay: OWED

38 *Building diagram: FLOORPLAN

40 Building beam: GIRDER

43 Ladybug or weevil: BEETLE

45 "I'll take that as __": ANO

46 Understanding: GRASP

47 Feature of Japan's flag: REDSUN

49 Watch dogs? PETSIT

50 L.A.-to-Tucson dir.: ESE

53 *Workforce: LABORPOOL

54 List-ending abbr.: ETAL

55 "Chicago" star: GERE

57 Unstable subatomic particle: KAON

59 Spots for ski racks: ROOFS

61 Romp: CAVORT

64 Amp carrier: ROADIE

66 Language __: ARTS

67 Degs. for playwrights: MFAS

68 Bounty rival: VIVA

69 High seas concern: PIRACY

70 Dry spell at the plate: SLUMP

71 Blood bank category: TYPEAB

74 Chicago NFL team's founder: PAPABEAR

76 Push-up target: PEC

79 Marriage acquisition: INLAW

80 Alton Brown cooking show "Reloaded" in 2018: GOODEATS

82 Monetary trifle, in slang: HAY

83 La Scala highlight: ARIA

86 Borrow from a library: CHECKOUT

88 Disneyland shuttle: TRAM

90 Sneaky: SLY

91 Nap site: BED

92 Engine parts: RODS

93 One who scoffs at bagged pekoe, perhaps: TEASNOB

95 "No fighting!": BENICE

96 Informal "Get me?": YAKNOW

99 Laura of "Big Little Lies": DERN

100 Total mystery: ENIGMA

101 Silent performers: MIMES

103 Line to the audience: ASIDE

105 Blood line: VEIN

108 Retreats with peels: SPAS

110 Pack away: STOW

111 Adjust for pitch: TUNE

113 Crude cartel: OPEC

114 Implore: URGE

115 Go sky-high: SOAR

117 Walk-__: small roles: ONS

118 Quick drink: NIP

120 Celery piece: RIB

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