LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 17 July 2018

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Los Angeles Times 17 July 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 17 July 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Excites, with "up": AMPS

5 Programs opened with a fingertip: APPS

9 Furtive attention-getters: PSSTS

14 When doubled, a fish: MAHI

15 Computer folder item: FILE

16 Musical eightsome: OCTET

17 *Air Force topper: FLIGHTCAP

19 Go halfsies: SHARE

20 Creator of the Hundred Acre Wood: MILNE

21 Onetime comm. giant: ITT

23 Concerning: INRE

24 *Subconscious revelation: FREUDIANSLIP

28 Unethical: IMMORAL

31 __ bržlŽe: custard dessert: CREME

32 Wild hog: BOAR

33 Excite, with "up": REV

35 Up to now: ASYET

38 Pipe shape: ELL

39 *Solution for an itchy Spot? FLEADIP

42 __-Magnon: CRO

43 Honking birds: GEESE

45 Cookie container: TIN

46 Woman in a family tree: AUNT

47 Armada: FLEET

50 Eurasian grasslands: STEPPES


55 Beat really fast: RACE

56 "Gimme a __": SEC

57 Cacophony: NOISE

61 Not up to the task: INEPT

63 Opposites, and what the answers to starred clues literally contain: FLIPSIDES

66 Ford replaced him as VP: AGNEW

67 Folded Tex-Mex treat: TACO

68 Daily paper material: NEWS

69 Back in style: RETRO

70 Underworld river: STYX

71 Stun with a police gun: TASE


1 Radio switch: AMFM

2 Landlocked African country: MALI

3 Three-time Masters champ Mickelson: PHIL

4 Formally accept, as a delivery: SIGNFOR

5 Toward the stern: AFT

6 Camera shot: PIC

7 Kilt pattern: PLAID

8 __ tank: SEPTIC

9 Neg. opposite: POS

10 Deep divides: SCHISMS

11 Hockey trophy: STANLEYCUP

12 Purple-haired twin on "The Simpsons": TERRI

13 Brew: STEEP

18 German gent: HERR

22 Shingle sealant: TAR

25 Royal wedding guest, perhaps: EARL

26 Peter Fonda's beekeeper: ULEE

27 Tide type: NEAP

28 "__ your pardon": IBEG

29 Spy story staple: MOLE

30 Like evildoers: MALEFICENT

34 Laundry tub: VAT

36 Shore bird: ERNE

37 Youngsters: TOTS

39 Charges for members: FEES

40 Part of DJ: DISC

41 Really enjoying, as a hobby: INTO

44 Unexpected hit: SLEEPER

46 Name officially, as to a position: APPOINT

48 Sci-fi invaders: ETS

49 Robberies: THEFTS

51 Seemingly forever: EONS

52 Monastery figure: FRIAR

53 Jessica of "American Horror Story": LANGE

54 Panache: ECLAT

58 Thought: IDEA

59 Hems, but doesn't haw: SEWS

60 To be, to Brutus: ESSE

62 Word before time or piece: TWO

64 Like an "if looks could kill" look: ICY

65 Quaint curse: POX

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