LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 17 July 2019

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Los Angeles Times 17 July 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 17 July 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Santa __: Sonoma County seat: ROSA

5 Cordelia, to Regan: SISTER

11 Small ammo: BBS

14 At risk of offending, for short: UNPC

15 "Play more!": ENCORE

16 Variety: ILK

17 Squander little by little: FRITTERAWAY

19 Foot the bill: PAY

20 Expedia info: FARES

21 "__ Tœ": 1974 hit sung in Spanish: ERES

22 Boozer: SOT

23 Nike rival: ADIDAS

25 Unstructured recreation: FREEPLAY

28 Back muscle, familiarly: LAT

29 Garnet or ruby: RED

31 Double helix part: STRAND

32 Approximately: ORSO

34 Old __: card game: MAID

37 Small pies: TARTS

38 Inlet in an Otis Redding hit song: FRISCOBAY

41 "Hello" singer: ADELE

44 Subway fare? HERO

45 Pollen pouches: SACS

49 Overhaul: REVAMP

51 Inquire: ASK

53 Stick in the closet? MOP

54 Ruffles snack company: FRITOLAY

57 Mogadishu native: SOMALI

59 Master: ACE

60 __ Bator: ULAN

62 "Beauty and the Beast" role: BELLE

63 Olive center: PIT

64 Worn-look fabric style that this puzzle's four other longest answers exhibit? FRAYEDEDGES

66 Ginger __: ALE

67 2014 boxing biopic: IAMALI

68 "Othello" villain: IAGO

69 '60s hallucinogen: LSD

70 Shiny photo: GLOSSY

71 "You said it!": AMEN


1 Mark who plays the Hulk: RUFFALO

2 Tracked by air traffic control: ONRADAR

3 Bar supply: SPIRITS

4 Didn't just sit there: ACTED

5 "I __ what you did there": SEE

6 Memo starter: INRE

7 Winter neckwear: SCARF

8 Cell network structure: TOWER

9 Clears a whiteboard: ERASES

10 King of Spain: REY

11 Like many magnets: BIPOLAR

12 Glaringly obvious: BLATANT

13 Big __ Country: Montana: SKY

18 Ivan the Terrible, e.g.: TSAR

22 Turns the hose on: SPRAYS

24 Rig on the road: SEMI

26 James of jazz: ETTA

27 Golf course meas.: YDS

30 Superspeed boy in "The Incredibles": DASH

33 Recently: OFLATE

35 Curling surface: ICE

36 Toon explorer: DORA

39 San __, Italy: REMO

40 Overseer: BOSS

41 Greeting at a dog park: ARF

42 Throws off track: DERAILS

43 Thrown out: EVICTED

46 Dental filling material: AMALGAM

47 Dartmouth, e.g.: COLLEGE

48 Watches through binoculars, maybe: SPIESON

50 Like lions and tigers and bears: PLURAL

52 18-time NBA All-Star Bryant: KOBE

55 Texas mission: ALAMO

56 "Get Yer __ Out!": live Stones album: YAYAS

58 Mass __: MEDIA

61 Guitarist Cline of the band Wilco: NELS

63 Buddy: PAL

64 Cookie fruit: FIG

65 Kit letters: DIY

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